With my magic I go with the flow and intuition. I dont follow already given rituals or paths therefore I create and build all rituals by myself with the help of my demons. I have more than 7 years of experience.

I dont like walking through already given paths, I prefer to go my way and do things my way…

Areas : baneful work ,money magic, mind manipulation, justice work, seduction, glamoury, auric manipulation, vampirism astral projection, spiritual development, slavic shamanism and more …

I am in my 20s and I am female :v: So dont call me man please lol
:heart: Lucifer&Amaymon:heart:

:black_heart:Shiva, Melek Taus, Janus, Attar, Prometheus, Samael, Shemyaza, Pan, Satan​:black_heart:


You can hire me if you need my help.

Please no beginners giving me their 1month old advices from google or first book which they read. No offence but it is annoying, stupid and time consuming for me. If you wanna learn something or want to know my opinion on particular situation than we can talk. :slightly_smiling_face: