Defence against baneful magick and vampirism

Fluorite, If I spelled that right. Its a crystal, funny story too I was actually going to feed off a vendor but some reason I knew she was Into witchy sh*t too so I decided not to. I asked her about a crystal she was selling, It was green.She said It was fluorite and that It was supposed to repel vamps. (my girlfriend chuckled). Just my two cents here.

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Many have also told me that preparation of the mind also makes the aura automatically defense itself. S. Conolly for instance in her books says “be prepared but not paranoid”.

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I dial practice sola plexus chakra chant meditation in my demonic elemental circle.

I practice daily sola plexus chakra chant meditation in my demonic elemental balance circle and I create a expanded ball of energy around myself after the raised energy.

How do you do that?

Actually, I’m referring to the dominant vibration of thoughts and emotions. If I am happy, spending a lot of time feeling happy, and spending little to no time worrying about being attacked, or being in conflict, then you’re going to have a much harder time getting your attacks to land on me and my life, simply because I’m not attracting it.

Which is why Orlee recommends changing the energy. She changes her mood to be happy and laughing, etc, whenever she comes under attack simply because it repels the low vibrational energy of the energy behind the intrusion or attack. It’s not the only method to use, and it isn’t usually used on its own, but that’s the way it works.

Energy manipulation if you can create constructs and direct your energy you can change the nature of your energy body or in this case add traits to it that only harm those who mess with it without consent.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Those attacks I’m most concerned about are demonic attacks and killing curses.

strengthen your own aura or energy body by self cultivation. program those own personal energy to protect you against any energy attack against you. Even program against magick attack too. heck just generalize any intent attack toward you that is harmful to you. Add another layer of rotating golden bubble around your own personal energy. Even add a third Orb if you like.

Instead of just reflecting attacks. you can even mirror back the attack. Or even make it so that your energy protection orb goes to the source and shut it down. be creative.