Defence against baneful magick and vampirism

Many topics is about how to do baneful magick but now how to defend. So what do you do to protect yourself against baneful magick and vampirism. What is the best defence?


Wards, shields, uncrossings, servitors, spiritual alliances, etc. There is a long list of things that can be done. The best tend to be layered. For example, let’s focus on a petition spell to inflict harm upon myself through physical injury to an organ made from an unknown magician. Without revealing all my tricks, that spirit ( if they agreed upon it) is going to have to deal with a protection spell involving iron nails on my property, local spirits I have befriended for the sake of protecting my home and loved ones, a mirror ward I have in my bedroom that is fueled with a Mars Kamea, a servitor guarding me while I travel, a sigil shield kept anchored on my work badge, and some other forms of shielding I have anchored to my actual body before it can hit me. Not to mention I am sensitive and perform uncrossings often.

This does not make me invincible. It just makes it harder to land a hit. There are always beings out there that are stronger than oneself and picking up some tricks (and keeping quiet about them) is never a bad idea, as long as they have proven efficient.


No one can “invade” your space simply because they intend to. You have ultimate power over your energy.
This is why , even with magic , there has to be an intention and invitation from our part so it can interfere
However, there may be times you have a leak. It can happen because you’re not aware or you allow it to happen.
Stress, traumas, life difficulties etc are normal parts of our life , but here we become…vulnerable let’s say .

Taoist training: offers great protection and nurturing of the energy

Shielding : Create a shield around you .
Visualisation and intention best tools here!

Cleaning baths with salt and herbs

Having a deity, demon , angels to work on protection

Crystals:clear quartz, black tourmaline etc

Banishing rituals

Meditation morning and evening with the intention of releasing all energies that don’t serve you or harm you and take back the parts of the energy you felt during the day

Inner alchemy, develope an emotional education . Master your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Shielding magick.

I personally make my energy toxic as in if something tries to feed on me without permission my energy becomes toxic and they essentially just fed from something that will erode their system overtime, now if they did it with permission the toxic traits become pacified.

against baneful magick, I would shield usually but if I don’t I redirect it back at them not a spell/return to sender thing but rather the moment they attack is the moment you have their energy signature and with such you can retaliate or have the attack confuse their energy signature for theirs and they’ll pretty much attack themselves.


I’ve seen a spell for that a long time ago

spell for what?

There are two main approaches to dealing with attackers.
1- you make yourself unwaveringly invincible. Think of the legends of stoneskin barbarians, who’s flesh could not be pierced by sword or arrow. It’s the approach of shielding.
2- defense is passive offense. Like a spiders web. The sticky strings are defensive, rendering potentially dangerous prey like wasps unable to move, and the spider can safely go for the kill. I personally prefer the second, more “passive offense” approach. Its difficult to fully embrace both methods at once, as you’ll end up half assing both of em.

The idea that “no one can invade your energy without your permission” is fucking naive imo. It may work wonders against low level parasites and toxic energies that arent backed by a skilled consciousness, but not against a serious attacker. Seriously… What happens, when your attacker has a greater energy supply or greater skill, and they have the mindset “I can invade anyone’s energy, even without permission”. Think about that. It’s important to be confident, and assured in your defensive mindsets, but you dont have to delude yourself into thinking you’re invincible. It has little integrity, and will therefore lead to weak spots in your mentalplane defensive armor.

My take on how to best integrate defensive shielding, is to link it with your subconscious as much as possible. This is because your subconscious is first of all, already in charge of flight or fight responses, and has domain over how your body reacts to things like physical toxins. Not to mention, the subconscious tends to be much more spiritually aware, than most people’s conscious minds. Treat your defensive system like it’s a part of your body, linked to your subconscious, and you can manipulate it into the stuff you want.


it does happen but most of the time it’s self created, which sometimes can still be a problem. but when it’s not self created and you have a actual problem with someone “sending” to you, your reaction to the energy being sent is still self created. ultimately the answer thats tried and true for me is to not over react and create a bigger problem for yourself.


It’s easy to deal with it if you know the attacker. I know many uses binding spells to stop it. My focus however is protection against unknown attackers. Something I oversee.


I love to watch my attacker’s energy systems rot away though I rarely get attacked energetically, that or I attract shitty attackers who dont know how to link properly xD


You can also add making your core energy self stronger. Making your energy body strong helps. That means taking care of your health and plenty rest with nourishment. strong mind, will, and body can affect your energy body.


Invade and attack ar two different words !
invade is to move into, while attack is to apply violent force to someone or something

Didn’t get my point at all :slight_smile: actually , they can invade normal people easily
But with us , magicians, who are aware it’s something else.
You CAN get attacked but as a PREPARED MAGICIAN you have the last word on your energy
It’s IMPORTANT to realize the power YOU have ON YOURSELF was my point :slight_smile:

Ps: self esteem , confidence , knowing your worth are very powerful :wink:
You can imagine as many shields you want , but if you don’t control your emotions and leave in fear … You already food


Saying to yourself, that you have “the last say”, doesnt do a thing against entities that are either more powerful, or have a better vantage point than you do. As someone who has been attacked and internally invaded by some of the more perilous forces out there, I can assure you, that there is more to proper shielding than just having a good mindset.

Im not entirely sure what you mean, when you try to clarify the difference between invasion and attacking, but I think the principle holds true that-

If someone comes to your doorstep, and physically kicks the door down, saying “this is my house now get out” doesnt actually do anything. You can fight the invader physically and kick the intruder out of your home, but if they are physically stronger/more skilled, or have more dangerous equipment than you do, you will lose.

In terms of aetheric spirits, mindset does matter a lot more, since the mental plane is on a closer vibrational playing field to their existence. But again, mindset isnt really the greatest issue if you’re dealing with serious invaders. If an entity enters your mind, and you attempt to kick them out, saying “this is my mind”, that does hold a lot more weight than the example I gave on the physical, but to think that technological, energetic, or vantage point advantages dont exist on the higher vibrational planes, is just false.

I’m not trying to make people paranoid here, or discredit the value that a positive mindset does have, but I know from personal experience that it’s not entirelt reliable against serious threats, where you arent the one with the upper hand. This thread was made on the subject of defense against baneful magic and vampirism, which implies the possibility of dealing with threats far stronger than can be dealt with via a positive mindset and visualization.


A positive mindset will only get you so far, being energetically prepared and capable gets your the rest of the way.


That is the point :+1:


You say by making your own energy toxic you can destroy the vampiric attacker as he take the energy into him. How? By the use of rage?

It was interesting when you mention the subconsciousness, How does it work to use my subconsciousness to shield against baneful magick?

Maybe I should get a patron demon. He may be able to create a shield around me.

Here is my hot take on shielding: its only useful when under attack, if you really need to remove the pressure from you. Any shield is temporary and will be broken down/penetrated with sustained effort. If you are under heavy fire a shield is useful to give you time to think and plan.

If I encounter someone with a shield (IN A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION) there are numerous ways to deal with it. Drain it, pierce it, crush it, apply elements to it, try to weaken its base, confuse them into letting it down… all a shield does is buy a person time.

Better than a shield I think a strong energetic cloak, or some other method of masking your own energy is the best option. I cant reveal muh secrets but if a person cant connect with you properly they will have a hard time landing any blows. I say, mask yourself so well it is as though you had a shield.


"Better than a shield I think a strong energetic cloak, or some other method of masking your own energy "
I was thinking about that mostly. I’m not sure if Bael’s invisible power can do it.