Deep Thought Question on Solomon and magick

So… Thought. King Solomon was the wisest king on the planet no one before or after him. He had everything any man on the planet earth could ask for. Gold, silver without any count, women from all over the world as his own. Lions at his gate etc…
He decided to get the Dieties and put them in vessels or sorts (from my understanding) he then meets a women that He Cannont Have!! Unless; He frees a certain Diety and gives him praise in order to get the woman…
My question goes into love spells; why do so many people get unsuccessful results? Where does Will even get into the equation? I know waaay back then women didn’t really have a choice due to their will being diminished since birth due to society… Why do so many of you feel bad when you get the guy/girl afterwards? The Kind Himself Did It!!! Had Thousands!!! Why all of a sudden do so many of you even feel bad for wanting what you wanted in the first place? What if the diety that you’re conjuring up is just a lesser spirit doing no work for you but to make You Obsessed to just laugh at you for being a fool.
My other thought goes to safety: when doing a love spell (even if he or she doesn’t love you) why not ask for the individual to feel Safe with You.

Again my understanding (would like some enlightenment on this) when a man gets richer the pool of women get bigger; when women get richer the pool of men gets smaller…

For women they want to feel safe and secure so even if they do not love you they can at least feel safe with only you? (As a spell)

For men we just want a hot ass girl so why not just make him believe that youre the only hotass girl he can have?

I also know of the 3fold law. Why worry about that if that person is really what you want? I beileve that in casting any spell there will be a reprocussion. So why even worry? What if the 3 fold law has no affect on you on this life but in the next (which i beileve to be True. There’s too many evil people going around and still being Them without a single reprocussion on this earth.)

Would love some input from all!!


I would heavily disagree.


Me too!!!


What is there to praise about Solomon? He enslaved spirits and old gods to do his bidding, building things for him and he didn’t even thanked them for it.

“King” Solomon? More like a royal douchebag.


Sorry guys!!! I accidently hit upload… At work lol

The 3 fold law is a lie. The world does not operate on such principles.


Btw i probably wont answer until after 5pm…boss caught me on the phone. Would love answers with reasons why so i may better understand different perspectives and ways of doing magick

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@Romerosworld1 Also, King Solomon, if the accounts are correct was the definition of what you shouldn’t do. NEVER force a Spirit to do something. How would you feel if someone called you for help then held a gun to your head and threatened to kill you unless you became their slave? It’s abusive. It’s counterproductive. And It’s stupid.


Nice… Didnt think of that.

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@Romerosworld1 Also, never use Angels or “God” to try and protect yourself. It doesn’t work.


… Not true.


Hahaha i know… I do im 24 :sweat_drops::fire: and i NEVER EVER USE CIRCLES!! They are my Gods now.


@Romerosworld1 Also, if you have any idea of how the afterlife works any idea of moral judgement in the hereafter will start to feel like a joke.

@Romerosworld1 The world does not operate on such moral principles. The afterlife is no different.

Okay a few thoughts. History is showing King Solomon to be a regional warlord; his reputation has been greatly overblown. Secondly, if he was so wise and powerful then how come he resorted to threats to get spirits to act on his behalf? There are some entities I am happy to threaten and even openly attack, but those are few and far between and I have no name for them. As a general rule you should not coerce spirits unless you want enemies at worst or treacherous “allies” at best.

Regarding love magick I could not tell you why it does not work for people because I do not do it. If you are using magick to manipulate another’s emotions to love you then that love is predicated on a lie and is worthless. If you are manipulating someone you think you love’s emotions then you probably do not understand the basics of love and do not appreciate just how strong a force it is to tamper with, so again, your love is based on falsities. Love is not ownership and control, and when you use magick you are both owning and controlling the very fabric of reality, so that is why I think most “love” spells fail; because of an absence of any true understanding of the word.

Call it lust magick if you will, but not love magick. The difference is profound, and lust spells tend to work better from what I have heard. This supports my above premise. Consider that King Solomon had many women at his disposal (disposal being the operative word here) because he had gold, influence and power. If you want sex then that is the poon tang trifecta right there. Love is another matter entirely. If all those women loved him then he would not have needed eunichs.


Well said.

I would have agreed with that in the distant past but in fact, experience gives a reason for the MI-CHA-EL thing on a triangle of manifestation after all:

View angels as emanations of clockwork order (needed to heal sickness/impose will) from your OWN godhead, not a sky daddy middle eastern parasite, and you’re on different territory.


Thanks woodman. I was kinda thinking the same thing… My reason for the question of love magick came from these forums from so many people seeming to feel bad about themselves after doing it. About zombified people; i just thought that stupid in the first place. Why even do if you already regret it.

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That’s very true, and somewhat indicative of what I described. When the realization of what is going on hits them guilt can be a result. This is not always a bad thing, though. It forces them to think, to consider and to potentially grow. That is the point of all of this to me so I view it as something some people need to go through on their journey. But piss on that, overall. I just stick to my animal magnetism, lol.

@Romerosworld1 In general you are correct about women settling for security and men wanting looks. However, many men can’t handle a gorgeous woman. It makes them insecure and jealous. They feel like they have to protect their catch since they deem themselves unworthy and fear they could lose her at any time. Confidence goes a long way! But the security and physical attraction are healthy and natural instincts. Nothing wrong with them.

In regards to love spells I won’t do them. I agree with @Woodsman81 . They are ridiculous and always go WAY wrong in the end. I will do LUST spells though. Some people may see that as borderline rape but I view it as more of a handshake. Animals sniff each others’ butts, humans gotta fuck. The attraction can grow from there and you will know you earned it.