Dedication Satan and Lucifer

there is a way to cancel the dedication Satan and Lucifer ?
during which you said that I renounce the Christian God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and that Satan and Lucifer you will accept as your god…

If you wish to return to the christian faith and found a church/ community. You can ask to be babtized.
Both Lucifer and Satan are quite big on free will. Depending on wether it was just a declaration or a pact, they won’t punish you for it. In case of a pact they might hold you to the deal or let you suffer the consequenses you had set for yourself.
If it was just a declaration, you are probably free to change your mind.

I don’t work with Satan that much directly, but in my own work and relation with Lucifer. He is quite big on not blindly worshipping anything. Be it entities, currents, ideas or even parts of yourself you heavily indentify with. I can’t imagine that is just a personal understanding between him and me. So in that light, you don’t have to worry about them getting jealous and lashing out or something for not accepting them as your gods and idols anymore.

I don’t want to be a Christian
I just don’t want to be connected with someone who throws logs under my feet

You can let it fade, or you can run a ceremony to similarly renounce your dedication and declare it null and void.

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I don’t see any problem with it. The whole adversarial current isn’t really that set on winning souls and memberships. It’s more of a “only join us if you are really sure about it and ready for it” kind of thing.

You could ritualize your decision stating that you wish to dissolve the bond seeing them as your gods. Perhaps followed by a statement that you wish to worship no gods (and kneel to no master), if you actually feel that way.
This will make your point clear and more importantly it may give you a sense of closure.

I hope this also serves as an educational moment to not throw yourself on your knees in full dedication to any entity. A sense of healthy respect and willingness to learn is usually more than enough ^^

and when I’m dedicated I wanted something he gave me and now I don’t want it and he keeps giving it back to me
and no matter how much I tried to convince him with prayers or offers, nothing worked, he still insists on his

I tried the first one, after a while he appeared more times and reminded me
I also did the cancellation with declaration, it worked for about 2 weeks, then it reappeared

Then there was no cancellation clause on the original ritual. There usually isn’t. In that case I would go with a full hex break and banishment. If you already got what you asked for ask him if he’ll take something else other than continued adherence to your side of the deal.

Isn’t this a dedication in JoS style?

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yes it is from there

I also did the dedication too… so far one of the worst mistake I’ve ever done mainly because I put all my trust in the first document I reached out.
I mean, the magick world is enormous and it is impossible to summarise everything in a single site… and it was a chaotic one, every pantheon mixed together
But I did it and I still think it worked because of strange dreams I had in the past months but then, I met some people that warned me, not about the site but the magick world, and never looked back at satanism or luciferism again not because they don’t worth my type but because I found that they are not my path
But I also know people that embrace those paths very well

If I’d dedicate myself now I wouldn’t classify it as a mistake because I have now a much wider view of magick, and because of this I know it is not for me
I just let it fade, nothing happened to me yet and I’m talking about more than 10 years ago

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I was also very young and I didn’t know much about magic and I also had many dreams about the blond man in white,and basically when I started doing their meditations and “opening up”
and I tried to evoke someone according to them, and they also said there is no need for protection
and their similar stupidity, I guess that some impostor or parasite must have stuck with me then
now I pay for my naivety and stupidity

If it’s the real deal and they keep giving you what you asked for, there’s probably a lesson in it for you
If you suspect a parasite, you could try searching the forum for “Unofficial Tutorials: Spiritual Hygiene”