Dedicated thread to share -Art/Concept pictures of demons

Hello Everyone,
I am keep looking for the pictures of demons. Most we found on internet are of distorted images. I would like to collect the real pictures of our kings. Kindly find and post the pictures of Belial, Asmodeus and other demons who appeared to you as themselves.
I need help from everyone.

As some author said (I think it was Lon Milo Duquette), evocation is like a theatre play, which may be seen by many, but everyone in the public had their own perception of it, thus the play becomes an expresion of the inner realities of the people watching it. I would add to that the play was intended for a certain public. Currently, for some people it may be a “distorted image” that they appear to me as white, blond people, and for me it could be a distorted image that they appear as a dragon, as I don’t like dragon stuff. If you want to see their real pictures, you would have to look beyond your ego perception

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We already have multiple threads for art images of demons. We really don’t need another one.

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