Deathcrush's spell jar for musical inspiration

As a musician, i need all the help i can get for working on something new. Prehaps this can be something that can help my fellow musicians out there!

One glass jar w/ lid
Red ink (it could be normal ink or your blood, whatever you prefer)

Things associated with the instrument you play (i play guitar so i used old guitar strings and one of my picks)

A few chips of clear quartz, charged with your intent.
1 small white candle

Since this is inspired by Hoodoo traditions, you tear the paper into a square. When tearing, you pull the pieces toward yourself to “draw in” inspiration to yourself. Every timr you turn the paper to tear off a side, turn the paper clockwise.

Next, take your red ink and write your full name three times, like this:

After you have done so, write your intent. Make it short but to the point. Its better off not putting “i need” or “i want” in this, pretend its already happening. For example let’s put “i have the inspiration i need for a new song”. With that sentence, cover your name in it. Write it where its written over your name. Turn the paper, write over it again. Turn the paper 2 more times, and write it over again those 2 times. In the end it should look like a jumbled mess like this:

Fold up the paper, pour your energy into the paper, visualizing yourself with your instrument and seeing your creativity flow. When i did this, i drew a pentagram onto the paper as added power, you can do this too but its optional. Then add the paper to the jar.

Charge your clear quartz with the same visualizations and intent, then add to the jar. Put in your musical associations as well, then add the cinnamon and sugar. Measurements don’t truly matter, as long as it covers up the paper pretty well.

Close up the jar, put the candle on top, light the candle. Make sure the candle is not on a holder of any kind, as the wax needs to drip down the jar, this “seals” up the magic. Plus the element of fire adds that passionate energy towards what you want.

As for the candle, you can either let it burn out on its own (its a better option), or let it burn for a certain amount of time every day until theres nothing left to burn.

Whenever you need that inspirational boost in your music-making, just grab the jar and shake it a bit while imagining yourself coming up with something new. I used to keep it on my guitar amp after shaking. This jar helped me plenty!


Also sorry guys don’t pay attention to the fact i didnt use red ink in the example pics lmao XD

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I love this spell,thanks for sharing!


Your welcome!

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