What happens when you don’t wake up?
I am recently obsessed with the idea of dying.
I could have died several times.
At 5 years old in almost died because of pneumonia.
When I was 23 I was drunk and took to much shrooms.
My body went limp and cold.(supposedly)
Accident where guns misfire.
I kind of feel this life I have now as extra.
I feel if you know what it’s like “to be dying”
Then you know what it means to die.

What is there to expect in the other side?


“Death the last sleep? No it is the final awakening”
-Walter Scott

“I believe that when death closes our eyes we shall awaken to a light, of which our sunlight is but the shadow”
-Arthur Schopenhauer


I almost died a few days ago. Twice in one day. Sounds unbelievable but I had a life changing experience in which a spirit saved me. I think we as mortals can never truly know what happens when we die. Sure we can practice necromancy and soul travel, but we won’t have anything more than an inkling until we ourselves have expired.

Sometimes the scariest thing about almost dying, is figuring out why you didn’t…


In some circles there is the concept of pseudo-deaths… times when you could have chosen to go home, but remained. In these cases, there’s an opportunity to reset your energy and switch things up, since you’d had plans on not being here at all, you have more freedom on making new plans when you stay.

I’ve had at 5 pseudo deaths, and other windows that didn’t get that close, 3 as an adult, and I’ve been aware of fundamental changes in myself afterwards. Approaching it from a Shamanic perspective, I experienced them as some soul fragments leaving and others coming in, with the attendant personality changes that causes, and every time I get a bit more detached from it all. It’s quite interesting though when you know what to look for.

The one that came closest, was when I was six, and almost drowned. I remember being under water until I couldn’t hold my breath and trying to breathe the water, then as it went black, I felt a huge sense of peace and huge relief, and thought, “Oh good, I can stop now.”
No light, no NDE, just black. Then I woke up on the side of the pool coughing with all the noise and brightness of people around. And I was as bitterly disappointed as I had been relieved before. That really hurt. I never really got over resenting being here after that.

Oh hell no! I ain’t putting up with that shit. I want the void, or at least the deepest, most serene dark I never knew in life.
Sunlight sucks, he can fucking keep all the light, I’ve got better things in mind.

Consider, that some gnosis has said, that being incarnated here on Earth is like dying to the other side.
So, dying here is like being born again on the other side, only will full faculties, and a celebration as your family welcomes you back. They miss us. It’s another reason why they help us - we’re family.


Same happened to me but I was 15ft deep and unable to find one of those pool torpedo things for my cousin.

Such as?


Soud’s like you got some real good reasons to go beyond the veil,
the most accurate answer to this question is personal,
becouse magick, Karma (if integrated by belief), Religion and belief of Sin / innocence (if integrated by belief),
they all can change and prededict where you choose to go after your physical Body gave up on you.

first a short guiding resource:

Advanced version:

Black Magick Version:

Of course, it’d be well apriciated to report your findings and success Story.
After all, it’ll be good to hear you’re still with us!

I want to Adress Budhism here, tho.

It really shouldn’t be left out, when talking about death and what happenes between lifes.

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I understand this topic very well. I have had some very close brushes with death, thus far five I think, where I was either in a situation where I just barely escaped it, or else, the final two - were extreme near-death experiences precipitated by a long illness. It is what began my awakening, actually. It has been about a year or so since then. I still have health problems (things I have learned I will always be meant to suffer through in this lifetime).

I saw everything when it happened. The reasons for existence, everything. It was a bit like a psychedelic trip of death. All the reasons for what occurred in my life and why, and at the very end the reasons I was to remain here yet. The imprisonments that were created at incarnation, the reasons they exist etc etc etc. I saw the reality of my own divinity, finally, as the being of energy at the end told me I myself am god and I then am divine, the answers are within, etc.

I am now on a serious quest to find what I seek, and what I saw of what is beyond. It will take me some time now of course to read everything. Now that I feel I am closer, the greatest questions plague me. As I know of now, I was shown recently that after death we either ascend entirely to full godhood, reincarnate, and yet the last one which is puzzling about souls I have seen stay somewhere else in consciousness, neither ascending nor reincarnating. I have come to see, and have been shown, that somehow that once we reach godhood, the matter starts over again and again. That we are all gods, we become perfected, and that it shatters and we become trapped in this material existence to learn and ascend, and the process repeats, in different situations. This is just what I have been shown, and some recent reading has illuminated this. In that way it almost still yet seems imprisoning in a different way…

I am still trying to understand all of it. I am trying to discover though then why there are still yet souls behind. Souls who have died as humans but whose spirit/consciousness remains. Such souls even who have contacted myself as I am sure many of you and others as well. And yet the greatest of all is the possiblity of escaping this cycle, apart from ceasing to exist entirely. So many questions this raises…

Sadly in this case this reply was more half an answer and more a triggering of more questions, but maybe you have seen some of this as well.

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I’d like to adress a very importend point here.
Ascention is not the same as getting addicted to this form of life and Staying here for cycles infinately.
This is hard to explain for people who haven’t accessed knowledge outside of this realm of existence,
but it’s a fact that ascendet masters either choose to reincarnate by themselves, due to seeing a benefit / task at hand to bring to completion,
or stay at other realms.

I know E.A. made good points to why this world and living within this vessle is desired by other unincarnated Spirits, but that lightly let’s people overlook that not all want to incarnate here.
In fact, some even refuse to be summoned,
refuse to be bound back into this world.

As for if it was just about getting Body after Body, Enteties like Belial, or Asmoday would just simply roam around alive, right?
They don’t, and they achieve quite a lot out of their position.

To name just one example.
In fact, Alesteir Crowly, no matter his personal ethics,
he had been attempted to be reincarnated by followers of his teachings and Thelema,
which he refused until at some point they gave up and accepted that he had moved on.




Yes, I hate sunlight so much. I also want complete darkness after death.


How can you hate sunlight it’s great

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It is such a bland yellow light. Looks very bad.

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Sunlight is the source of light it cures nearly all illness

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The garbage sun cures the garbage body

Cool :joy: who needs the sun anyway!?
Glory to the blacksun of Thagirion!
Hail Belphegore!

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