I’m curious.

IS it possible to use a death spell on yourself???.
if so who would you call and how would you do it???

don’t worry im not suicidal im just curious lol


Lol, I I’m interested too. But didn’t want to explain my reasons.

my curiosity is not for myself but I we are gods by our birth right then the question of ‘is there a limit to our power’

Angel Of Death.Azrail

Yes it is very easy to kill yourself with magick. You don’t even need a proper spell for this. Condensing too high a charge of energy in the heart or brain especially if it is death energy will quickly wear down the organ’s function and end you or any sap that was unlucky enough to have it done to them.


I’d personally recommend Samael, the angel of poison and death too.

But yeah you can curse yourself.

Or curse what is blocking your progress.

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Why a person could want to curse herself/himself??

@Black_sensei responding to this

Yes I saw that.I just wondered why🤣

It might be another take on a practice of trial by fire. Gaining strength and resistance to some energy by being immersed in crippling amounts until you either break or gain control of it and immunity. Usually better done through slow acclimation but the fast struggle can serve as a sign of mastery or to break through a particular block.

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there are people out there lol.

I’m just curious on how powerful we really are

I’m very interested in the theoretical underpinnings of this. I’m a biochem guy, so I’m curious on what your thoughts are about the cellular effects/what actually constitutes energy in the esoteric sense. Do you think it has to do with quantum coherence, such as of the type described for microtubules by Dr. Stuart Hammeroff?

I think energy in that sense is like any other form of energy but on a level of vibration we are not yet privy to in the scientific sense some of which may exist as a quality that effects denser energy that makes up matter. Think like this… Fire energy in terms of the element is really just the property of expansion and momentum which when applied physically causes molecules to vibrate and move faster producing heat. This expansion can be applied in different ways to say in healing break apart blood clots by expanding the binds to the point they break apart or clear blocked arteries by allowing them to expand and be cleared out. Water can be seen as the opposite with the quality of contracting in on itself which physically slows molecular movement and cause cold but it can also be used to stop bleeding by congealing the blood together to scab it over. At the end I believe even energy can be broken down to the level of just being information backed up by more information telling it what form it is suppose to be in.

what I want is for a demon to come during Astral projection and take me straight into the infernal realm not really death but I would have no intention of going back to my human body. on that note can you purposely kill yourself via Astral projection by refusing to reenter the body? and yes I am pro suicide touchy subject but let’s face it pyshical reality is boring and pointless and if I’m done with it I’m done.

I really just see this physical realm as a waste of my time and energy there is literally no reason for my being here in a human body bound to the laws of physics and rules of man. fuck this rock in space I would much rather be a spirit form instead of this bag of meat and bones. :skull_and_crossbones:

feel free to ignore my ramblings on this forum I have a ton of shit on my mind :poop:

I just don’t get the point of having a human body and being bound to the laws of physics and rules dictated by men. what’s the point of being here on a rock in space? work school relationships? no fuck that. I would much rather be free and be a spirit not chained by physics and rules. :ghost:

before you call the moral police on me as someone who follows the left hand path I don’t see anything wrong with suicide. :dagger::gun: :pill:

This “space rock” is another level in evolution. You’re here to improve and evolve. Nothing more nothing less.

Who doesn’t?

LHP philosophy actually suggests living life to it’s fullest potential, not ending it.

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well I am not against the act of taking life I know most here are pro life and taking it to the fullest but sometimes you just want it to be over and I think there is nothing wrong with that.

I used to believe that as well. But the more you think about it, the less sense it makes tbh. Firstly, what experiences does this “space rock” have to offer that a non-physical world doesn’t? And secondly, the fact that most people have their memories of previous incarnations and any knowledge of the spirit world stripped from them makes this existence little more than a farce imo. Of course, committing suicide without any info on what you signed up for is also quite stupid.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are here to evolve. Rather, we have to evolve to get off of this rock.

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