What is Esoteric Energy?

Often in occult and magickal practices, the concept of ‘energy’ is invoked, but not in the strict physical sense. In physics, we define energy as:

However, there is another definition for energy in the esoteric sense. It is less well defined:

Really, though, it also fits the first definition, but refers specifically to metaphysical work. However, a reply on this forum got me thinking:

What exactly is esoteric energy that it can affect cells to the point of triggering death (presumably apoptosis)? I’m a biochem guy, so I’m curious about what people think. Does it have to do with quantum coherence, perhaps as hypothesized for microtubules by Dr. Stuart Hameroff?

Or is it something else entirely?

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There are many different theories about this xD I like where you are going. Its fun to think about stuff like this.

In that effort, I think you might enjoy a book called The Magus of Java by Kosta Danaos. He is a scientist who met with an ‘immortal’ and began to study an internal martial art from this master. As a scientist writing the book he had some very interesting theories about the energy the immortal was talking about, theories about ‘yin and yang’.

I am not sure I believe the book to be fact, however I did enjoy reading it and I think it was a very interesting peek into what, cultivating large amounts of esoteric energy, might be able to do -and possibly why- through Kostas own musings and thoughts. Its a quick read too. I read it in a matter of days, but Im still going back through it highlighting the more particularly interesting passages xD

There are two appendixes in the back of the book that I really enjoyed.

I am not a scientist myself but theories are always fun to read about.

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