Death Orgonite

a few months ago I picked up some hummingbird feeders at the dollar store. They sat around until the beginning of Sept when my dad filled them up. A few weeks into it not yet in the habit of checking them, we had a heat wave. All week long in the middle of Oct 2020 outside temperature was 110F-115F. My dad found 3 dead hummingbirds on the ground… and I decided to check them out.

I had 3 perfect hummingbirds. Nice and plump like they were still alive. Not a feather missing. They didnt die from sickness. They didnt get chewed by a cat. They didn’t get run over by a car.

I wanted to keep them, but I didn’t know what to do with them. Started thinking about them starting to rot and stink in a couple days. I put them side by side in a paper bag and slowly walked to the trash can. “dammit I’m throwing away something valuable, but what do I do with it?”

The last 2 1/2 months been buggin me. and this weekend finally figured out what I could have done. I could have put them in the center of a mold, covered them with crystal and metal flakes and make those little guys into a death orgonite.

I think for a small critter like a hummingbird or a mouse, no need to vent. The acrylic can hold the pressure. For a bigger critter like a guinea pig or a crow, its questionable. If somebody wants to use a bigger critter like a chicken for sure it has to be vented until the decomposition is complete. A chicken would make a strong orgonite, but if you seal it before it decomposes you’re making an acrylic bomb.

So now that I know what I should do, it’s time to buy the materials so they are waiting next time I find a small dead critter.

Has anyone tried making a death orgonite? And what kind of crystals are best for the flow of death energy?

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I think you would have wanted to dry them out before adding the resin. They could still liquify and start to look grotty to some extent from the bacteria in the guts. I might try freeze drying in this case. Just put them in the freezer and wait.

No I think orgonite is new age bullshit, it’s just a paperweight by itself.

I also don’t believe ‘death energy’ that after the spirit has gone is a thing. Death is the process the spirit goes through, once it’s over it’s over. A dead body is either alive with bugs or dry and symbolic, though it is a good link to the spirit of the animal, that that has significant power unique to that animal.

You can enchant it as talisman. I would to that with any object. But I would probably make something easier to carry, like, I would save the feathers and boil the birds to get the skull and make that into a necklace. Pay a taxidermist to mount the skeleton and make an altarpiece etc. Or get the skulls and sell them on Etsy.

I guess you mean pluck the feathers first and then boil it. kinda think boiling would mess up the feathers🤔

I was thinking about it while I was holding them, but they are so small that maybe I loose some pieces of bone or break them.

I didn’t think about a taxidermis. hehe. I don’t have any idea where to find one in Los Angeles. But there are enough people like deer hunting they must be around somewhere

Please don’t put dead animals in your trash can. Not only is it disrespectful, but also nature doesn’t have a trash can for dead birds. If you don’t want it under the feeder pick it up with a plastic bag and move it. Other animals get their food by eating dead birds and it will decompose naturally. You found it outside so leave it outside. If on the other hand, you want to use its corpse for something, you can research taxidermy methods online. I would also like to note!!! Hummingbirds may appear dead when they are not!!! Often, people believe myths about these creatures that lead to them being determined dead when they are not. For example, they can hibernate. I really fucking hope you did not deposit three living birds into your trash bin in the delusional state of mind that made you think you should put them there anyway.

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putting dead animals in the trash is not delusional. I live in the city. We can’t leave animals laying around.

Yes, they were dead. stiff enough for their bodies to stay straight when I picked them up by the beak. with their tongues hanging out of their mouth.

Seen plenty of dead animals in cities. It’s really simple, you just don’t touch it.