Death Defector

This person I know is evil. People who get to know him tend to die. I feel like his time on earth has expired. I’m wondering if he’s defecting his death into others. Is there anything that can be done to stop him?

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I’m very familiar with that. That’s my go to. I need something stronger.

You’re wanting him dead?

Anything to stop him and it must be strong. While I enjoy freezer spells for some people the vibrational energy they have is just too strong for a basic spell. I know many different versions of the freezer spell, but in his case it’s like giving a dog a steak to escape. It works for about 5 minuets.

Search in the #baneful-magick-curses-vampirism section for a good curse then.

If this “evil” guy is powerful enough to deflect death like you seem to think, why not try binding his gifts so Death can finally take him?

Fortiar, the Binding Demon, from Kingdoms of Flame has “the power to bind, and even destroy the gifts of another, the permanence of which depends solely on the victim’s own magical skill.”


I’m not quite sure why the bindings they have used aren’t working. I’ve never seen a freeze not work.

Have you involved spirits, such as Nergal? Nergal has a strong tendency to get it done. As suggested, binding isn’t a bad idea. Likely, the person has some form of defense up, not a “death defector”. I would suggest a method that strips one of their defenses and then death curse them.

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He nearly died already once. Not sure how he’s still here. He has a horrible quality of life. Meanwhile 3 people in his family/close friends have committed suicide in the last 6 months. This has been going on for years. People around him commit suicide or getting very sick. He’s awful. He’s clearly a very powerful magician and needs to be stopped by dark magic.

I’m confused. Are you Balor?

I’m her sister

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I see. Yeah, I’d use the suggestion I made along with the ones above. I’m assuming you’re both practitioners? I’d work together as well.

Yes, we’ve worked together with much success, but he still holds on.

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Yeah. Could be defenses. Is he another practitioner? Also, using divination would be a good idea. Could give insight as to what’s keeping him alive.

He is a practitioner. And surrounds himself with a lot of people. He has an army/gang. He uses them as pawns. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants. He’s a spoiled overgrown child.

That’s why. Take those defenses out.

yep, working on it

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If you pm me details I’ll help you out.

with gins work the same as with demons? call enn