Dealing with haters

There certainly are.

You just discovered a natural weapon. You’ve been given a hint right there.


I, generally, ignore them unless and until they become a threat to me and mine.

I’m not going to go into specifics for what I hope are obvious reasons; but I generally have at least three layers to my defensive perimeter. The first layer is one of obfuscation. You can’t attack what you can’t see. Next comes a layer of wards, seals, and defenses. Finally, there’s a layer of… well… that’s the stuff I’m not going to talk about.

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Ignoring them is best

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The vampyric aspect of my shield is working very well. I programmed it against serious to moderate threats and its been drawing in energy since this morning lol.

I’ve also noticed that positive influences are coming in too!


I havent read the whole thread so not sure if this was suggested yet but why not make a servitor specifically designed to bring in positivity and deflecting hate? Youtube is a breeding ground for that shit.

Also can i have a link to your channel? I’d love to check out your stuff!

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Sorry, but what kind of friends are these?

Don’t let other people get you stuck in your own head when you’re trying something new.

Cimeries. Ask him to help guide you through it, as internally-focused work.

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My shield actually has been programmed to do this but a servtor would also be good just to add on!

I’ll PM you

They kinda had their names dragged down socially not through social media though so I think that’s why.some of my other friends have given me good advice that I’ve been applying to my stuff.

My next pathwalking might be with the Demons and Angels and he’s one of those I’ve been very interested In!

Literally just try to work through your own ego. You can cast any spell you want to vaccuum the haters away but it wont make you more resilient. The less you care about what manchildren say on the internet the more you attract peace and therefor attract lack of haters. Change your thinking patterns and awake your Kundalini, then you will realise to use your ability to manifest in other ways while you passively repel negativity.

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Protections have worked very well so far. That anxious feeling has left and there’s a big fuck it feeling most of the time (not in a bad way)

I have noticed that my views dropped quite a bit after putting the shields up. So I might have to modify it.

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Try glamours

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Will do!