Dead red rose?

Hello everyone, my name is Sean and I’m new to the group.

So I just recently started working with demons. Or well trying. But anyway…

Maybe about a two weeks ago I was at work and I felt this sharp pain on my chest. I wear a necklace so I thought it was just poking me.
I took my jacket off and lifted my shirt and this rose fell out.
I picked it up and it just… turned to dust in my hand and I felt this force go over me.
I really dont know what this means or anything but since then I cant stop like thinking of my ex or I am super depressed for no reason.
I remembered that my ex messed with Magic but never around me… so am I like cursed and if so can I get some help please Haha.


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Sounds like a lovespell to me.

First step: break the spell.

Second step: bind her from casting on you again. You can do it painlessly if you don’t want to hurt her. If you want revenge…well… plenty of avenues there. It’ll depend on what exactly you want to happen and what risk you’re willing to take.

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