Datura and sleep


I have datura oil. I want to apply a tiny portion on my wrists and see how it impacts my dreaming situations before I take it during waking life.

Any experienced Datura users?

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Don’t use it is my only advice. The trips people experience on it aren’t good and it can kill you. There’s a plethora of safer herbs to use for dream magick. I suggest trying something like mugwort or lotus flower extract.


Mugwort, blue lotus, and damiana are all great options. I enjoy datura as a meditative tool, but it is very much something to be careful with. As I’ve had it explained, Datura chooses you, you dont choose Datura. I’ve always had good experiences with it, but I know that others have not.

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I believe a lot of those trips involve ingestion of the seeds.

There’s a different action when it’s absorbed through the skin.

(Keep away from mucous membranes, mouth, eyes, etc)

I’ve used Datura and henbane oils in the past.

I found Datura has a more…drunken kind of effect? (Not really the right word but it’s got its own vibe)

Whereas I found henbane much more clear-headed, and more meditative.

Now, the thing is you can build a tolerance a bit quickly at times and I seem to have my own natural tolerance to it.

I usually space it out to use on the weekends, and at that maybe only every other weekend.

As with any other thing practice restraint and be safe.

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Don’t use it, it can kill in even very small amounts. I have it growing in my yard. There are many other ways to employ it to assist with magick, dreaming, and psychic ability. Datura is a very poisonous, and its unknown as to what a “safe” dosage is, and simply using the plant, alive or dried in Magick with caution is enough, as all parts of the plant are toxic.

Castaneda has at least one book on the subject. I’m also interested in datura but I will read this before I’ll give it a try.

I’ve used flying ointments with datura in them. I’m not sure why people keep coming here saying to not use it. It’s effective. Use your common sense.


I don’t know if the question is still relevant, but are we talking strictly Datura(like the Brugmansia Datura), or the Borrachero variant, the one they make “Dragon’s Breath” from, also know as Scopolamine? Either way, i wouldn’t call it a dream oil, seeing as it indeed as a drunk vibe. It didn’t feel clean to me when i tried it. There are more effective herbs and oils, that are far safer, but do as you will. I am not here to tell you what to do.

You can put Datura oil on your skin without any negative effects. However be cautious Datura can be deadly.

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Same, I got like 3 different flying ointments from Jenns site belladonna botanicals and have had nothing but good experiences with them. It’s not ingested but rubbed on the wrist. Many of the ointments have datura and belladonna, I never got sick or had a bad experience from any of them.

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I love her site. She is amazing.

As long as you aren’t applying absurd amounts the individual will be fine assuming they’re not allergic. That’s why they will want to do a test rub to see how they react like on the back of their hand or something away from vital areas like eyes, mouth, etc. and watch Jens videos on it first as well.

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How did you uses datura for meditation?

Would you please share to us about about this secret on how to employ it as to assist in

  1. Dreaming
    2.psychic ability


Hey am interested about datura oil and how do you apply it on your wrist and what thee expectations or why do you apply it on wrist but not other parts of the body…

That user is not often on these days.

For the oil, you put it on your wrist the same way you would cologne.
The reason it’s your wrist is because the skin is thin there, so it’s absorbed into the bloodstream more easily.

Note: this thread has not made is clear, but there are TWO TYPES of Datura.
The type used by Toltec shamans is a climbing plant from Peru called Brugmansia, or Angels Trumpets notice the flower hang DOWN.
The type in the video above is not that, it’s Devil’s Trumpets, it’s a bush which is very different and the flowers point UP.

My assumption is that the OP meant Brugmansia.

Make a relationship with the spirit of the plant. It will teach you the same way evoking any other entity can teach you… these are called Plant Teachers by the shamans. You get knowledge via conversation, dream impressions, synchronicities and luck.

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I recommend you check out Sarah Ann Lawless or Jennifer Vatza aka Belladonnas Botanicals.

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Multiple reasons. Allergies, negative reactions from the body, medical, etc. I recommend using low amounts, test rubs on back of hand to test for allergies or consult a licensed doctor or health expert.