Dark spots

Just hoping for some help here as I am not sure what I am seeing. I have been noticing small dark spots around, varying sizes but not very big, I see them then look back and they’re gone. They aren’t floaters as I know what they are like. They happen at various times and only one at a time. Also seeing specks of light as well. Motion in the periphery of my vision as well at times but I see nothing when I look at it


Are you seeing them in the corner of your eye or directly infront of you, but then they dissapear immediatly?

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The dark spots can be in front of me but then disappear when I look back. I should note that this has only been happening since I started watching binaurals on youtube to open my third eye


Your working with Darker forces I’m guessing, right?
That’s just the manifestation of their energy around you.

Dark orbs right?

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I have been doing developmental meditations for months and have only now started seeing those specks of light and blue blobs. Your experience is replicatable, so you know it’s viable.

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I don’t mean to be Debbie downer but maybe you should go to the eye doctor …just to rule out anything medical. I know we all like for things to be occult. .because well it’s way more cool.

But please rule out it being something more serious. You don’t want something medical to go on too long and then not be fixable.


yeah ive been experiencing this same stuff lol
definitely go to an eye doctor to rule out medical issues, but take a peek at this thread also

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also, for me the motion in the periphery has started to take very humanoid shape after a month and a half or so, and for the record i do live with a spirit

My vision is fine, my eyes are in perfect condition internally. I thought one was a moth on the roof but when I looked back it was gone and not flying around. They can be a little smaller than a tennis ball, irregular, sometimes smaller or bigger. Actually I think I have noticed the periphery thing more since evoking Ladilok.

I have myopia (near-sightedness from reading too much as a kid), but I don’t imagine that would contribute to color, light, and motion hallucinations. Is there a lot of variation among viewers as to what color the energy/orbs/spots/blobs manifest as?
Here we have one that sees them in black, I see them in blue and occasionally black, etc.

Oh I see those , I think they r spirit portals

Just in the interests of being upfront, I do also have floaters in my eyes. They’re darker spots in my field of vision which move with my eyes (which is why when you try to look at them they move as well) but you can see through them. They are normal and I have been able to see them since I was young. When you get a new one it can be darker. This is not them. This is like if you walk into a room and scan the room and you see a spot on the wall or ceiling that isn’t normally there by the time you recognise that something is different and look back it’s gone. Specks of light can be different things so them I don’t worry about.


Flashes of light tend to be Celestial or sublunar spirits.
Or Lucifer, he’s an exception to the dark energy thing a lot of light when he shows up.


Lucifer is a nightly one that I speak to. Don’t hear just speak. Light specks can be low bp, migraines, just glancing directly at lights or flames. They’re kind of normal as well for me but the dark spots not.


I have the little protein tangle floaters too but I only can see them in bright light and they look like microscope images of single-celled organisms. They move with my eyes and seem to slide down the tear fluid on the service if I keep my eyes really still. They are not the same thing I’m describing either as colored blobs and specks of light.

I’m starting to think we’ve got a community of weird eyes here as well as Ascension-seekers. Not long ago large numbers of us were admitting we had the visual noise phenomenon that online articles claim is so rare, they aren’t sure it exists. Now we’re sharing our blobs and flashes. :slight_smile:

Visual noise phenomenon? I can see my floaters all the time. I actually think that may have been where I first saw Rosiers sigil - as a combination of floaters

Visual snow. Where you see a thin veneer of static like noise over your sight. It doesn’t cause real problems, it’s just allegedly rare and they allegedly haven’t found the reasons it happens.

I have visual snow all the time, but my sliding tangle things, I don’t see them all the time. Just in bright light. And I saw them more as a child and teen than I have since being a shift-working adult, but they’re still there when I look for them.

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So visual snow would probably look like thousands of tiny little dots of light if you closed your eyes or you couldn’t see black as black, you would see the black but really opaque dots of light over it? Same with large areas of different colours if it’s all one colour?

Yeah, that’s about right. Though sometimes behind closed eyes, the dots can look more solid and potentially have a color to them over the darkness. Eyes open, they are more translucent and largely grey/white.

As for the surfaces question. I can see the noise over everything regardless of whether it’s a large uniform surface or a tableau of lots of different textures and colors together.

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Well fuck. Pardon my french but :raised_hand: me too. Used to give me the absolute shits. I think maybe it’s down to us being aware of our bodies and observant of what’s around us. I see it over my field of vision, just easier to see on plain surfaces.

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