Hallucinations: Black Drops and Motion

About a decade ago I started to see weird shit in my peripheral vision. These things mostly appear in my right eye but sometimes my left.

The most frequent manifestation is these big black circles that drift from the outer upper or lower corner of my peripheral vision and then quickly “drip” up or down out of sight. These I see even if my eyes are closed and I’m in a pitch black room.

I also occasionally see bright orbs blink once into existence and quickly disappear, as well as motion or like a gaseous distortion/heat mirage in my periphery.

I did go to an eye doctor when these things first started appearing and we ruled out things like ocular migraines. He ended up stumped and gave me a referral to a neuroopthamologist, which I unfortunately couldn’t follow up on… After a year or so, these hallucinations subsided and I kinda forgot about them…

Fast forward to January of this year, I got heavy into the occult and at about the same time the hallucinations started up again :frowning: but this time they were hella intense and practically last all day, and they are worst when I lie down to go to sleep.

I don’t feel like they’re from some entity; I banish and do a grounding/cleansing visualization daily, I don’t have any negative emotional symptoms, in fact, other than the hallucinations, I’ve been feeling pretty fantastic since January.

I’m obviously going to see a doctor about this, but I thought I’d also ask if any of you have any insight and/or similar experiences :heart:

It seems like maybe these things are related to the amphetamines I take for adhd… But I’m skeptical of that cuz I’ve tried skipping doses and I still get them.
I thought also they could’ve been induced by quitting abilify (I’ve never been diagnosed with any kind of psychosis so idk why my doc put me on these antipsychotics lol fucking pharma shills) but I tried taking a pill after several months of being off them… But all that did was make me feel like a zombie :frowning:

Dude, it sounds like you have the sight. Getting good at scrying should help you learn to control your visions if you work at it, probably by making you see just enough more that you actually get something coherent instead of just random blobs of energies. As for the whole ‘getting worse as you try to sleep’ thing, as humans, we tend to be more receptive to astral presences and stuff in the periods right before or after sleep.

Let me put it this way, a lot of people would give up quite a bit to be able to see like you do.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: what? no way!? really??? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I’m rarely wrong about this kind of thing… Like when I discovered that the co-manager where I work is energy sensitive to a surprising degree for a normie. She thought she was just super-empathetic, but then I blew her mind with what was basically a psi-ball made from earth energy.


well, ok, i’ll get on learning scrying… but where can i read more about this sight? ive scoured the internet for info on hallucinations similar to what i experience, to no avail :frowning:

Dude, those are your spirits and demons! Look past the blobs and stare into your darkness. You should see long robes standing before you. Edges around furniture will grow black fuzz and it can shape shift and move around…its spiritual energy. Don’t even research it. Acknowledge and accept it and just go with it. Experience is the best educator.


These are manifestations! I’m not saying that medicine you’re on may not enhance it, but it’s there. I remember when I turned into a hardcore Christian I lost all my abilities - so I thought- I’d get really ill for no reason and later piece things together. My point is, the gifts were hidden or doormant. Now that I practice regularly all these abilities are back and I’m no longer ill. What you’re describing is like mentioned above - start scrying!


Oh so scrying is basically just clairvoyant readings of a sort done with the help of an object like a scrying mirror to focus on? Ok yeah I’ve been doing lots of readings (though with eyes closed) since January. Maybe that’s what triggered the perception of the energies/entities in my periphery? You think if I keep doing readings then the blobs will take more defined shapes?