Dark night of the soul

The time is here.
I need to stop and make an introspection to understand who really i’m.
I hope the Light of Lucifer can illuminate my soul…


The only way out is through.

Good luck and a following wind guide you on your journey.


As you journey through the darkness, no light can save you. No avatar of the divine nor even Lucifer in his light bearer form.

The dark ones dwell in the dark, being in the abyss, the dark night of the soul.
It is a blessing and only a curse if you fight, or resist. As @Mulberry said the only way out is through.


Then you must break through the darkness to extroverted soul.


Thank you…

So the dark night must not be fought but instead going with the Flow then escaping it?

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Never fight against the dark night of the soul, that would be counterproductive.

See the dark night of the soul is essentially a purging process. In the darkness you must face you’re inner demons, going through a process of de-identification.

To rise above the self, rise above what you think you are. There are two types of dark night of the souls.

  1. Conscious Dark Night Of The Soul - In soul travel as you go through the physical, astral, casual and mental plane. You’ll try to go further into the heart of the eternal, the formative plane.

A realm of light and sound, pure unfettered raw power. To get to the formative plane you must go into first the abyss. The realm which separates the lower planes from the god plane.

Only way to go into the formative plane, is to go through that darkness. To where a whole other level of being and eternity is revealed.

  1. Subconscious Dark Night Of The Soul - This is spontaneous and normally occurs once you’ve broke through a certain layer in you’re spiritual development.

It’ll test you’re belief in all spiritual practices, it’ll try and break you in order to make you stronger.
It tests you’re will to see if you’re life descends into chaos will you fall to you’re knees and admit defeat. Or will you choose to rise and not resist, but stay calm in the darkness, stay firm in the destructive winds of chaos.

Both test you emotionally, mentally, spiritually even physically through circumstances in you’re life.


Embrace the Ancients
The spectrum of darkness is vast but using your spiritual eyes you will find yourself and your foot path.

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Does everyone have to go through this tear down process. Is it different for everyone?

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Why not just stay there? There is pure pretty in pain and suffering. I chose to stay.

Most people are weak and stupid. Someone had to stay behind to get the work done. I am evil. I hate most people down to their souls. I will make them suffer for the greater good of all. For a better future. For a better reality.

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When I first experienced the old dark night of the soul, I just thought there was something wrong with me. I thought after I went through it, I would go back to being a good Christian, or at the very least some RHP follower who would stand by organized religion and know how to properly worship god(s).
I really thought Satanism as such was just a phase, that I would someday out grow my hatred of the bible and everything RHP attitude.
It has been quite a journey, and as they say, the map is not the territory, because it involves knowing oneself. Not everyone is meant to work intimately with the goetia, apparently, but I always felt drawn in that direction, like the practical magic, and the personalities, I couldn’t put it down in spite of the difficulties.
So, while I no longer care about dogmatic anti-occult religious practices, and I stopped reading the bible as some kind of guilt manual of whips and chains, I still don’t think of it as just a phase. Instead I realize that obedience was a phase, and I don’t need to put my trust in some all powerful deity. But this isn’t a realization that can be forced, and maybe for someone else the all powerful deity is the best thing that ever happened to them, and they are “born again.” But it just isn’t for me.