Dark night of the soul?

here some background stuff and things that are happening

1:belial is putting me on obsestcules and problems for to rise
2:i am merging with darkness and infernal powers and azazel
3:i am doing intese workings with the infernal

ok so from yesterday i felt dead,not emotianlly but i feel spiritually and energetically aslo my senses are off,but they get a bit rebuilted today they are far more clealer but not that intense like they used to be, it doesnt feel negative,but its just dead and dark hard to describe
is that the dark night of the soul?


Not as far as I can tell the Dark Night of The Soul is when you’ve feel true and utter loss of everything that used to define you, as in loss of important attachments and in some cases even family membrers get removes in way or another, and along with with the previously mentioned a feeling of utter abandonement. There’s no one that will come and help you out, even the spirits you follow can’t help you out of this state.

To help with understanding, it is when you hit complete and utterrock bottom when you’ve lost all hope of salvation and you feel like you’ve lost everything. Addicts describe something similar before finding of their god.


thats what i feel

Can you alsp say that you feel abandoned by everything and everyone? Do you have something in you life that gives you hope and meaning?

Yes to relationships

Yes as in they give you hope and meaning?

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Yes sometimes I let my life and events define me

Well based on what I can see from afar, you’re not there yet but you will be sooner rather than later hit since you are working with the gatekeepers, you will know what it is when you hit it.
The moment you can say you can look at your life and say I have nothing left to lose. You’ve likely ended up there.
I’ll PM you the explaination E.A has available to not clutter your thread with anymore with my posts, soon.