Dark forces

I’ve read about Lady Gaga who is regret to sold her soul to Illuminati dark forces.
What “dark forces” means?
What are they? How contact them?


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she has not sold her soul to illuminati dark forces.

i have personal relation to her in astral


pls, do tell us more about your personal relation to her in astral if you want

what kind of pervert you are :smiley:

no pervert here, just curious about your statements

you seem… peculiar

a relation doesn’t have to be sexual in nature, you know

does she sing to you when you both meet?

she is one of those beings that i have created for i, if you understand.

she has been hoe,ing her time, to become rich, but she is actually artist, hope this clears the statement where people claims that she has sold her “soul” to “dark” forces.

It’s the usual celebrities did this and that to get famous stupidity that goes around occult communities.
Although, I wouldn’t link astral lady Gaga to the real one especially since the astral one is most likely a thoughtform of your own desires of her.

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what kind of god creator are you, sir?

did you also create king elvis?

I think he claims to be the father of Hecate, among other Goddesses and Gods. It might be a huge flight of fantasy in this case.



What in the actual dumb fuck

I dontclaim any name or try to sell anything…

Im not any incarnation

Im actually only 4 years old deity… if you want you can get my name from my profile to talk… my understanding is that the name is viable for meet… watch out of imposers

Learn something from me. Happy occult

Who envy’s you? You literally are just made a bunch of claims which are pretty flight of fantasy.

this might be a good read for you.