Dark Entity inside house... advice please

“The Occupant is in danger” was the clairvoyant message I received yesterday from a friend overseas. He was referring to a house I lost a Real Estate Job over in 2011. At the time I advertised the possibility of a ghost in the house after 2 years of being told to be silent over what I saw. I’d finally had enough with a murder victim in spirit cowering by the coal range. I got fired despite having two hot buyers requesting viewings within an hour of the newspaper hitting the letterbox.
Recently I returned to the area after 7 years away and drove past the house with a companion. The first time I could see the murder victim looking out the net curtains then my companion pointed out there was something in the central doorway. I saw/felt a dark presence looking back at me and left. After discussing this with a fellow seer I was advised not to show fear when facing this realm as they feed off it. I prepared myself ritually and returned and faced the entity and asked for it to identify itself. It’s reply was A Dark Minion from Hell. On another occasion I walked past the house with another spiritually minded friend to get his perceptions. He spotted the entity immediately and described it as malicious and wanting to hurt people. The entity has asked me to allow it to possess me and speak through me which I insist on doing in full consciousness not trance channelling.
Last weekend I passed by again and took a photo revealing a dark face in the central door frame. See attached. Then yesterday came the warning about the occupant being in danger. Just now I have found out that the current human occupants are a man and his partner and her two children. And that the couple are known for getting drunk at the local pub and letting the 2 young children run wild.
It seems clear to me that the entity wants to communicate and is even threatening the living. So tomorrow a spiritual peer and I are going back to the house in approximately 18 hours to face it as we feel morally obliged to do so. If there was a malevolent malicious and murderous human in the house the local authorities would be called. Clearly they are of no use here… And so I am reaching out to you here at Become a Living God for insight advice or guidance as you feel you can offer. Thankyou in anticipation.


1-Teach them banishing ritual and tell the to do it twice a day. Doesn’t matter if it is done by 2 different person.

2-Cleanse the whole house using purified water. ANd if possible teach them how to do it as doing it once every will benefit them even if the house isn’t haunted.

3- Consecrate a sigil of Archangel Michael IN A POWERFUL way and give the the command that any negative entity within the house should be gotten rid of and the house should be kept protected, And keep the sigil in the house in a nice place. If possible tell them to offer an incense daily, or at least once a week to Archangel Michael.

This should do the job.


I appreciate you taking the time to respond Goku and thankyou for the opportunity to clarify my question. Archangel Michael was asked by God to kick Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels out of heaven. Rather than banish the Entity I am seeking advice on how to communicate with it as it is clearly seeking my attention.
Additional points to note is that the house is metres away from a fault line and is in a coal mining town.

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I second the Banishing ritual. Also play some vibration raising music, from what I hear, lesser Spirits can’t mess with us when we raise our vibration.

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It occurs to me that the occupant in danger, out of all 6 of them could be the victim or the entity as well. “Dark Minion from Hell” sounds a bit too melodramatic, and something either a human ghost would say or a lesser entity that doesn’t really want to be honest. I suspect it’s not the humans or the message would have referred to them in the plural. Though they are probably affected by the dense energy.

Since it can communicate already without channeling I don’t really see why you’d go with channeling in this case? It wants energy, I’d be reluctant to feed it right now without knowing more. Why not to do of the same that was done so far to find out what else it needs and why it’s there?

I’d also want to talk to the victim spirit and ask if it knows about the entity, they might not be related.


The murder victim responded straight away as I read your answer. She says the entity used the murderers body to commit the crime… She has forgiven the murderer who is now also in spirit.
I will ask the Entity tomorrow why it is there and what it needs. Also why it wants to get into my body to communicate.
Any ideas on how to determine it’s name?

More info flowing through… the entity returned to the house after causing the freak accident that killed the murderer only months after release from jail. It is at the house because it is w waiting for my genetic vehicle. It is the same entity that entered my grandfather who abused me at one month old and which traumatic memory has not yet fully cleared despite 20 years off effort. Tomorrow is the day. I am dealing with Abaddon.

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Am heading to the house shortly and will be on FB live profile name Judaath Abaddon in communication with the victim spirit and Abbaddon. Friend me as guided.

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