Dark Egg Spells

Dark Egg spells which I found from my grandmother’s house (She passed away, I was unlucky because my uncle and his wife throw too many spell books away)

Well The book says that egg spells are the most common spells that uses in Anatolia, even though egg spells were invented in azerbaijan anatolian people were into using it.
Most common spells in Turkey are , Soap spells, egg spels and lard oil spells ( I am not even sure how they find lard oil because eating pigs are forbidden in muslim countiries)

The book also refers that egg spells are no good so if you intent to perform dark magic you should be doing egg spells

Some parents do that to break couples up, so they can find better partners for their children

So how do you do Egg spells?

The author says that it is very easy but too powerful, in order to perform egg spell you need to separete egg yolk and glaire because egg yolk represent femine energy and glaire represents masculine energy.

Egg yolk gives chicken life meanwhile glaire protects them .
So separeting them cause man and woman to break up
But there is ritual for that matter

Before you perform the egg spell , you get a glass of salt and put the egg inside and let it wait for 24 hours
the reason behind it to prevent a bad breaking up, salt protects any uncessary fights and children if they have any

if you want them to break up in pain, you do not need to keep it in salt before performing the ritual

Next day you break the egg saying those words ‘’ Tohme morge perende, zen u merd cud that words comes from the Middle Persian the author also says

so while doing these instruction keep in mind that you MUST think of the couple who you want to see breaking up

after that, you keep the glair in the table
and take the egg yolk out

and finally you put that egg yolk where there is no sun.

so they never meet again.

I believe that is it, I try to translate it from my native language
I hope that helps


For those folks out here that are interested in this rite, here is a link to a page that has 7 different methods of separating the egg yolk.


Surely eggs from black chicken

He does not say anything about it but sure black chichen would be more powerful

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Yes, the intention part is the most important. It means nothing without it. This is the only actual part that’s really magick in the whole thing. But superstition is great for concentrating the mind, for sure.

I separate egg whites from yolks every other day to feed the yolk to my cat - people are not breaking up around me left right and center, or at all.
Just in case people making soufflé’s any time soon were going to worry they accidentally cursed someone. :smiley: