Who is Dante? I’ve only known Dante from devil may cry.

Dante Aligheri was the greatest poet of his age and in most estimations that matter of all time as well.


You haven’t heard of Dante’s Inferno, from the 14th-century poem Divine Comedy? In this, which is the first part, the poet Virgil guides Dante through the the nine (concentric) circles of Hell to the centre of the earth and Satan himself.


I have not, sounds interesting.

Definitely worth a search:


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Based on my research, you should read it even two or three times to understand the symbols because the book is complicated

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@Lukianof This is a current subject of study for you unless I have my wires crossed?


He basically wrote a fan fiction about his trip with the poet Virgil through hell and all the historic figures he saw and fan-girled over in the various circles.

No but seriously, it’s one of the most important pieces of literature in the world. It details his descent into Hell, then his journey through Purgatory and finally Heaven. He does talk with several important historic figures of his time. If I recall correctly it’s meant to be an allegory for the journey of the soul to enlightenment.

If you can, get yourself a copy that has the the illustrations of Gustave Dore accompanying it. It really makes the book pop.

You have your wires crossed, I think :slight_smile:
I don’t know much about Dante :slight_smile:
I’m studying Faust.

A loser.:gun: