Hi everyone. I have been reading a lot about Dantalion on this site. Which brings me to have two questions.

  1. What is his,tell? How do you know he is here?

2.,I thought I invoked him the other while listening to the ENN and I got a lot of energy,but since then I haven’t felt it again.

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I do believe @Sha has posted a rather informative thread before on Dantalion.

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what a great timing :slight_smile: I just called him a few hours back for the first time , i was supposed to do it few days ago but read some scary stuff on the forum and didn’t do it, today i felt a strong calling and did it , I cant hear or see spirits but can feel a presence i drew his sigil, listened to the enn and he was there really quick, I can tell when i get goosebumps, feel light headed like i am high and the candle flame goes crazy making the zzzzzzz sound ! his energy was so amazing tears started rolling down :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is the best thread about Dantalion I have ever seen: