No problem my friend. I’m just passing on information which I found.


This is great to hear. Hail Dantalion!!!


One question, if you could clarify: What does it mean when it says “state your will 3 times…”.

That would help me out. Thanks!

You say this 3 times.

You guys are amazing, It’s nice to hear such powerful experience. I’m just a beginner and struggling a lot. Can you please advise me how to get such power bit faster. cos still I’m not seeing or feeling any power. I did the ritual for summon great prince Sitri, but my request didn’t fulfilled. I need to get a love from specific girl… I have tried many things (please help me if you can)

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Ah, okay, thank you. The reason I was confused is because in the Kindle book, it says “State your will 3 times in 2 sentences.” It got me messed up.

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Have you tried this one?

Thanks for the reply dear, I didn’t try this. but can you tell me what is this grandiose ritual? I tried to google it but didn’t find anything… once again highly appreciate your help…

Search here ’ Layered Love Spells’. It might do the work!

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He is really good to work with if you are lusting after someone, like I recommend him so much, he helped me get the love of my life in less than a week, if you are nice to him, he will help you out very efficiently


Thank you very much for your post and Nice to hear that you had a positive outcome… Kindly let me know the steps that I have to follow. I tried many rituals but didn’t seems to worked. Today morning I did this layered love spell… so waiting for results. the main problem she is leaving the country at the end of this week. so I have to stop her somehow, so please explain me how can I do this ? sorry if I’m asking more…

No your all good, with my first interactions with Dantalion, I evoked him and asked if he could help me and I would give him an offering, and he said ok, so once he finished his work, as fast as he did, I gave him an offering (its been forever I forget what I gave him). But I would get directly in contact with him to get your result faster. Sorry it took so long to respond

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Hi guys, no offence but nothing worked as I requested. May be I did the ritual wrong way… since I’m new to this field can somebody please explain me, How to interact with Dantalion, and what to offer him in return… please brothers help me…!!

Can you please PM me i have something to ask :smile:

Good day, gents.

As anyone tried the telepathy power?

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Just asking pls,the holy names are meant to bind and constrain the entity right?? And with the whole command thing is it quite ideal to seek help from an entity with such commanding tone rather than just humbly employ him to help in whatever the situation might be??

Praise Dantalion- he brought peace communication and a changed mind with intense lust back to my relationship. I am very grateful!