Dantalion, what was that!

So, I did a connective evocation ritual with Duke Dantalion. A Duke holding a book, all about knowledge and mental stuff sounds like my kinda guy.

The whole experience was quite pleasant. I had two chocolate bites as offering through out the conversation during the ritual. It was more like buddies hanging out. I never felt inclined to do that with other spirits.

Anyway, I asked him to help me change my thoughts towards certain personal experience and I am pretty sure it’s working.

I also asked to make this new girl from work obsess with me. I think we clicked from the first time we met and she likes hanging out with me. We always walked out of the workplace together.

Here’s the naughty part. She’s married, and with a young son. I did the ritual yesterday. And today, my attraction towards her dropped from 8 to 3. Just like that. She was still looking my way frequently throughout the day and asked to walk out together. She did mentioned she had a son for the first time, though.

The whole thing almost felt like Dantalion was guiding me away from what I asked. I’m not mad, matter of fact, I’m okay with that.

But, it got me thinking why would he do that? He’s a demon, and he either fulfill my request or not. However, it felt as Dantalion was telling me “don’t go for this one and I’ll help you take those attraction thoughts away”.

Anyone has good connection with Dantalion to explain this?


Maybe its not him but it can be him and maybe he thinks that having a relation with her wouldn’t be good for you. I feel that he cares for you.
I have only worked with him(actually her for me, Thats how she appeared) a few times So take my words with a grain of salt.

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I definitely feel the same. He shows such care like that? Wow…

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Maybe he is your patron?


I never had a patron before. Tbh, I’m not even sure exactly what it means in this context and how it works. :grinning:

Just a spirit who chooses to oversee your life at certain stage of your devlopment.


@ARD Thanks, my friend.

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You just did the ritual yesterday. You have to give Dantalion time to do what you asked. From my experience in working with him, he doesn’t like when you rush his work or give him unreasonable timelines because he works slow but steady when it comes to changing feelings. A few hrs just isn’t enough time.

Or maybe you just need to be a bit more patient. Also, since she’s married, you should call on Duchess/Duke Gremori/Gremory. She appears to me as Duchess Gremori, but she can cause someone to be attracted to you and cause love & lust in you even if they’re in a relationship. King Asmodeus couldn’t care less that she’s married, and breaks up marriages, call on him to instill lust and attraction towards you as well.

Also, not judging at all, but what’s your end goal? Are you looking for an affair or do you want her to leave her husband for you? I’m asking because Dantalion can make her obsessed with you, and you can cause her to have love and lust, but she still may not act towards those feelings because of her husband. I don’t know the situation so I can’t really say much else, but just keep that in mind. Figure out what you want and how to go about getting it. Layer the work if need be.


Men want what they can’t have, maybe the fact that you were so confident he was gonna do it for you.

So confident she was yours, that you didn’t care anymore.

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Duke Dantalion is the first demon/entity I did a ritual with and it was just so amazing. And I felt genuinely cared for by him regarding the situation and the outcome.

I’d say, Duke Dantalion maybe has your personal “best” interests in mind and it might be that there’s something with this woman that isn’t what’s “best” or even very good for you. Remember, he’s supposed to be able to perceive the thoughts of all and change them as he desires. Which means, I would trust the demon to know what’s going to work out for me and maybe what won’t outside of explicitly agreed upon results.

I think, just go with it. And if it starts becoming something you don’t like do another ritual. You might also need to relax and wait a bit. No need rushing the demons when you trust them to do what you need/want. But yea, the way you described it I also felt and feel when I have ritual with Dantalion like I’m chilling with a close friend or like there’s more to it that asking for something material. He’s helped me learn a lot about the occult and about connecting to the energetic (‘unseen’) world.


My first evokation was with Dantalion too and it was amazing. I felt such a gentle energy… The results with him have always been incredible, too. So I would say to trust him.

On another note, something similar happened to me with Belial, a short time ago. In my case I was asking to be seen as supremely high status relationship material by someone. That’s what I asked, and what I got was a very relaxed feeling on my part regarding that person. I felt like I didn’t want him anymore. I think it was exactly that “I don’t care” attitude on my part that was needed to get my desire, because shortly after he came to me as strong as ever. In my case, is not that Belial was deciding that, despite my desire for this guy, he thought something else was better for me and took my desire away: But he took my desire away (partially) to reach my end goal.

Whether is one thing or another, I would trust Dantalion to do his job: He has been nothing short of amazing for me.


First of all, I’m honored that you responded as I know you’re a heavy weight on this forum :grinning:

I didn’t give him a timeline and tbh, I didn’t much care for the result. And now, I am actually free of the outcome.

I didn’t want her to leave her family. I just wanted a brief affair. But on the other side, I was a slightly concerned about wrecking up a marriage so it’s all good.

I was actually surprised by Dantalion acting on my best interest.


I had a feeling that could be the case as well. The one with least investment holds the power. That’s straight out of PUA book.

Maybe by reducing your neediness towards this girl it dramatically boosted her attraction to you …

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Yep, definitely agree about his awesome energy. Such a mentor like vibe. And I do feel at peace with the outcome.

BTW, I’d love to hear more about your experience :smiley:

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I’m completely on the same page as you. I have no doubt he is leading me to where I actually want to be mentally and psychologically.

And your thing with Belial make total sense. High status with low investment :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally, my friend. Me and most people on this thread agree. It’s amazing and unexpected.

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