Dantalion told me I’m not ready to work with him

I invoked Dantalion for the third time the other day, the first two times I simply tried to connect with him by chanting his enn in an almost meditative state. I introduced myself to him, said he really sparked my interest and that I’d love to connect with him and learn from him more.

I felt his presence through chills. Took his focus on giving me chills as “yes” if I were to ask something which he wanted to respond to with a yes. Since I’ve had a caster summon him to help me with a love situation, I asked him if he’s been helping me with target’s name and I got a lot of chills.

His presence wasn’t by any means negative and I didn’t have a negative experience with him. However, I asked him to show me a sign the next few days if he is open to working with me directly. In a day or two I chanted his enn again and yet again said I’d be really curious to explore further knowledge with him.

I waited some time and while I found his presence comforting, I didn’t get any sign. I didn’t know if I had missed the sign or what? So some days later I chanted his enn again and this time lit a black candle and drew his sigil, then chanted with my eyes closed while putting my hand on top of the sigil.

He appeared to me using the flame started moving crazily rapidly in a room with absolutely no air movement/wind. When I noticed his presence I thanked him for appearing and the flame calmed down. Then I asked whether he is willing to work with me, because he never showed me a sign? The flame didn’t move. So I asked again - is that a no? And the flame started moving rapidly in a very aggressive way.

It really took me by surprise, he was very direct his presence kind of felt stern. Then I said okay, I respect that. I felt as though he was telling me I was currently not ready to connect to anything. I asked him if I need to delve deeper into this and gain more knowledge first? And it seemed like he responded yes to that one as well.

I told him I respected that yet again and gave him farewell for now. I blew out the candle but also funnily enough - I didn’t know what to do with the sigil and tried to burn it but the flame kept going out. I couldn’t burn it at all. It was quite odd.

Has anyone had any similar experience and was he open to reconnecting with you later? Or is it just that spirits simply don’t like or don’t want to work with certain people? Maybe that was the case and he dislikes something about me so isn’t open to it but honestly my intuition strongly felt like he was more so rejecting me so I won’t bite more than what I can chew.

Yes, Azazel wanted me to work with other entities and I worked with a few of his Nether Lords before I got the invite to work with him later. This happened to E.A. as well with Azazel and is how we came to learn of the Nether Lords of Azazel through the results of who Azazel introduced him to to works with.

I also didn’t get on with Asmoday at first and got an invite after my energy changed later.

I would suggest asking him if there’s anyone he would suggest working with in preparation.


Oddly yes. Dantalion was one of the earlier Goetia demons I was aware of and felt an intrigue towards. I’ve never gotten the sense that he dislikes me, yet in the past he had also not been open to working with me either.

I had this issue with a number of the Goetia demons for a while. It wasn’t until I discovered Belial’s identity (he’d been sent as a spirit guide to me while pretty young) that working with other Goetia spirits came far more easily, and far more so since accepting him as my mentor.

In that sense, it has indeed been a matter of being ready or not.

This is certainly a thing. Just as with any relationship between two individuals, some will click better with some over others, and such can change at various points in one’s lifetime.

I did not get the impression that Dantalion dislikes you though. If anything, it seems like he’d been rather respectful but that there’s something about current circumstances which aren’t quite right yet. You could perhaps ask him why and what might get you to that point.

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