DANTALION Success and Experiences

Who here has successfully worked with Dantalion to either make a partner turn from love to hate for another, or has gotten a person completely indifferent to start having emotions again? Basically succeeding with Dantalion in seemingly impossible cases to really change a person’s mind or feelings 180? Has anyone had this kind of success with Dantalion?


i would love to know too as i am actively trying to contact him for his help and am not sure i was able to reach him or not

I worked with Dantalion for a very short time. He was a nice man. He taught me about love. Specifically, love manifestations.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think this is prime season For Love manifestations. Or rather, when you are afflicted with the recent love disease,it would not be a great time to do love manifestations.

He’s a good man. Soft-spoken, at least to me. Relaxing. I imagine he would be good for self-esteem and understanding romance right about now.

I mean, he can offer you so much more than that. So many people can. Never forget that.


I am in a facebook group and people report SO many successful workings with Dantalion. He seems to be a reliable spirit


I can’t even describe how amazing Dantalion is. As you can see in my post here, he successfully implanted thoughts in my target to drive him to find me again and rekindle our connection.

Hail Dantalion!

im starting to wonder if he is hearing me or if i imagined a short connection to him…either way im almost to the point of giving up but i still want to keep trying though…im just unsure of what to do

Yeah i also felt like he didn’t hear me…so im not sure all the success people are reporting.

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…so keep trying & don’t give up. Is it because you haven’t seen results yet? When I work with Dantalion he is very explicit in telling me not to give him a timeline and to allow him time to work. He may not be that way with others but he’s that way with me.


@QueenMustang mainly because i was not really seeing results but also because i have a really hard time trying to calm my mind and meditate when i try contacting him and have been trying to figure out how i can calm myself to do it again since the first time i was able to do it but not again since…i have add so my brain is always turning and its hard to focus at times

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