Dantalion spell(part of my deal)king paimon also there as my patron

As u already understood this topic is to say thank u to Duke dantalion and play my part of the deal which i made with him…( My native language is Greek so sorry if my English is bad)…

Storytime(why i wanted to evoke him) :
SOooo i want to do bodybuilding and i am working on it for about 1 year. I met a guy about 4 months ago(who was gay) and he offered and promised to buy supplements for me and help me with my process(like some kind of investment or he just was into me) i liked that idea so of course i said yes! After we made a couple of orders with his money he had to go to an other country for some time.Althought He ordered for me one last time but Then the problem was that he stopped caring(all the messages were seen but no answered and i couldnt of course go to him to ask for answers):confused: :arrow_right:so i thought what if only i could do something manipulating,And of course Duke dantalion came to my mind

What i felt at the evocation:
First i summoned king paimon because he is my patron demon and i wanted to be there with me for my first spell(also i contact him a couple days before to tell him what i was thinking) then i summoned duke dantalion (again also i contact him a couple days before to tell him what i was thinking) although with king paimon i felt regular(indeed i felt him in the room) when i started calling Duke dantalion (Avage ayer dantalion on ca) i felt a really cold breeze… And when i was closing my eyes i could watch the scene like my mind was a camera and i was seeing my self at the table and behind me king paimon riding his camel and next to me duke dantalion(he was wearing a red like "kings style " cape, a crown and 3 faces which i didn’t see because as said i was watching this like i was behind them, i didn’t even see his body, the cape was covering it… So imagine… I can really paint the pics if i had the skills)… meanwhile i was playing at my speaker a :arrow_right: prayer :arrow_left: which i had recorded with my voice before the ceremony…prayer down

. (…) =demons name, took the prayer from a ea koetting video before it was banned

THE SPELL:Love binding spell using grand Duke dantalion... CAUTION.. Very powerful.. - YouTube
is like a voodoo doll, i followed the steps simply as she says :warning: didn’t had any item of his so i used a photo, i preferred to dress the doll while doing the ceremony and not had it already dressed with the red cloak :warning:

Prayer written with red at the torso

Begging of the ceremony:

1)dantalion offerings:cinnamon, nuts, honey and whiskey
2)king paimon offerings: chocolate and wine
4)needle for sealing the deal with blood
3)paper of the deal between u and dantalion. At the left u write what u want(i asked to remind the target about me, fill him with thoughts and lust and be reminded the promise that he gave me and keep it) and at the right what u gonna give( i sworn to him this article and when i am having sex chanting his enn to offer him sexual energy) signature signed with blood

*i printed the image from an other user of this forum
Meanwhile the ceremony:


You throw the doll away if you cannot bury it…


Great!! King Paimon and Duke Dantalion are fantastic spirits!! Results are inevitable.


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