Dantalion: master manipulator and shifter

Over time, I’ve worked with Dantational several times. I’ve never been dissatisfied in our deals. Recently, I got myself in a situation where I needed certain people to think less of a certain thing or just let it drift to the backs of their minds. Because I’ve worked with Dantalion before, I have had both formal ceremonies/rituals and also much more informal conversations. Earlier in the day I casually called out to him and asked if he would be willing to help. I felt the “yes” and later on, I was lying on my bed and I said his enn a few times. Eyes closed and focusing on him and his energy. When I could feel his energy I also became aware of the prevalence of certain colors which slightly started me. The colors were deeper ones, more dense tones. I gave a bit of background on my situation, verbally, because it’s something I’m accustomed to and asked for his help in shiting these certain people’s minds. It’s something I’ve done before with him so I made sure to say the usual “I don’t want anyone hurt” and “these people are important to me” stuff, I’ve never had problems with this but I’d rather err on the side of vocalizing, or explicitly stating my intentions than having a situation I’d like to be out of even more. Towards the end, I made an energy ball and it was an offering to him.

Hail Dantalion,
He who pulls minds from depths of contorsion
And bestows new insights to those seeking
Djinn of high waters and flickering lanterns
You see all there is and know the minds of the many
Altering them and pulling swiftly made strings is performed with ease
Shifting rampaging anger to the quiet calm or adding fuel to what is lit

Hail Dantalion,
Master of manipulation
Who holds the many faces in a turn
Who brings color to the minds enshrouded in blankness
And yearns to tether mind and soul as one

Hail Dantalion,
Who brings feathered aid
And swiftly changing minds to reality
Who masks truth and sets free what has been made

Hail Dantalion.
Who reigns over his legions.
Who is masterfully cunning Grand Duke.
Who is grand and powerful.

Thank you for your help. A pleasure as always. And as promised it’s here.


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I needed certain people to think less of a certain thing or just let it drift to the backs of their minds

Yes, the Duke Dantalion also helped me a lot with such tasks. His ability to control the mind of people is amazing. He also can improve your own ability to convince the people.

There is also an excellent guide for Dantalion here: Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him)

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I really love how you described him. It applies very well.

Beautiful poetic call to him. I really enjoyed reading this.
I agree with @Sha , it is fitting for him.

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Where did get this? Can i use it?

I was thinking the same thing about “hey, this might be a good call for Dantalion and a nice show of respect”.

Of course! Sorry for the late reply, just please don’t repost online, it’s original :slight_smile:

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Do you a good relationship with Dantalion? Can you introduce my name to him? I am new and I tried calling him but no response. I want to build a good relationship with him but its kinda hard to do that when you don’t know if you’re even talking to him or just to an empty Dark room. :sleepy:

Hi, you should just do a meditation or a ritual. It’s okay to be new. He was my first ritual of this sort. What an awesome experience!

I've heard from a lot of members here that the Great Duke Dantalion likes to observe and be quiet some times, just keep trying. 
I'm in the same situation as you (but in my case it is because I can't hear spirits yet ), talking to an empty dark room and they communicate in other ways eventually. I'm trying to get to know him better too, he communicates in different ways other than talking.

Yes, this is such a great point. Many of these spirits do not only “talk” to us. Obviously, at time they “speak” by which I mean we hear them either internally or externally, but they communicate differently too. You can ask for signs (just make sure you know who you’re calling/talking with), use tarot cards, pendulums, runes, and so much more. From my experience, Dantalion has been only kind and understanding. He’s one of my favorite spirits to work with and has helped me with far more than manipulation others (though I’ve definitely asked for that too). Best of luck!!