Dantalion Help, what's going on with me?

I have been trying to contact Dantalion every day for a few weeks to help me with a court case to be held over the phone instead of me having to travel due to the coronavirus. I have felt his presence only twice but very slightly. I find myself thinking about him since the minute I wake up up until late at night when i try to contact him. I am not very experienced with deep meditation and I am unable to hear him or see him. I offered to write about my experience with him in exchange for my case to be held over the phone. I don’t know if he has accepted the deal or not but I want to work with him in the future and build a friendship and/or relationship with him. I cannot stop thinking about him and find myself obsessed with him. I get really happy sometimes when i think about him and i’ve cried out of happiness for no reason once or twice in the last few days. Whats going on??

Feedback loop - you connected and he connected back.

If he’s not getting it switched to phone, it’s because he thinks you don’t need it. Put the energy to something that matters. Do you have diabetes or other issues knows to cause issues, or people around you with poor health so that the risk can’t be tolerated?

i dont think u can do court case over the phone. It’s always in person to verify it’s you. And the body language etc… To provide evidence etc… Some things are dealt with in the physical world.

Can you have physical sex, hugs, social interaction over the phone? :thinking: Some events need physical presence.

You actually can do a court case over the phone

I never knew he help with court cases…,…

I looked into what courts are doing during the corona virus and they are allowing cases to be held over the phone or video. It’s an arraignment in Ohio and i’m currently in texas

Every day? For weeks? I think Dantalion got your message but your lust for result messes up your magick.
Try asking Belial and Paimon to help as well and then let them do it. You don’t need to spam the message over and over

Do the magick and trust that it’s done


Dantalion can cause thoughts/feelings of obsessive nature. This would probably explain your current erratic behavioral patterns in regards to him. I’ve seen this occur in a couple other practitioners that have worked/attempted to work with him in the past.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the reasoning behind this, however that’s the most immediate thing that comes to mind.

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