Damon Brand and Practical Kabala

So I’ve heard of Damon Brand and his books and upon some investigation, found out they are using Practical Kabala which implies calling of angels for your desire by receiting hebrew words and looking at specific sigils. I have no doubt they work, but as far as I know, Practical Kabala is a forbidden practice accesible to only the most enlightened masters and could have serious spiritual, karmic consequences on one’s soul or afterlife. Messing with those angels is no joke and although the ‘rules’ of Kabala say that you can call an angel to receive it’s blessing (or something like that, correct me if I’m wrong), calling it to do your bidding (get more money, attract lost love, be more likeable, etc, etc) is very very bad and it could anger that angel. What’s your take on this?

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Well,if you want to request something from an angel ask him about it and if he wants to do it than tell him to do it,and if he doesn’t,than don’t ask him to do it.And I think that Kabbalah is full of religious and dogmatic bullshit which you should take out.Soul isn’t what you think it is.If you are implying that your spirit will go to hell just because you pissed off some angel,you are sending yourself to hell.If you think some other ill fate will follow you if you do something wrong,once again you are setting that fate for yourself.I am not a magick practitioner for long,but I think that if you want to practice Kabbalah,you should read and research it and take out all of dogmatic bullcrap


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Angels will always help when asked it’s our divine right

In my opinion most of his books are “practical garbage” based on psychological trickery, not occult or magick. That’s why most of what you can do with them are psychological changes.

Good luck with “calls and keys” and the best of all, scanning Hebrew letters - why not English or Chinese ?! - with your eyes to contact spirits.

Few of his books are designed based solid magickal concepts. But people believe what they need/want to believe. And this is not necessarily a bad thing.