Dajbog and other Slavik gods - looking for good resource

I’m looking for more comprehensive book about Slavic gods, their features, symbols, for me and one of my friend that is really into the Slavic mythology and tradition. Unfortunetely, the beginning of christianity in my country, Poland, erased most of the sources about these pagan gods. And nowadays there are very few books about it.
If you have the source that is not in english, but for example, slavak, polish, czech or russian, feel free to mention about it.

Also I’m interested in Dajbog, because I found that he is a patron of werewolves.

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Hope this helps:

Slavic mythology: an encyclopedic dictionary;

Vasiliev M. A. Paganism of the Eastern Slavs on the Eve of the Baptism of Rus: Religious and Mythological Interaction with the Iranian World. The pagan reform of Prince Vladimir;

Veletskaya N.N. Pagan symbolism of Slavic archaic rituals;

Geishtor A. Mythology of the Slavs;

Krinichnaya N.A.Russian mythology: The world of folklore images;

Lovmyanskiy G. Religion of the Slavs and its decline;

Rybakov B.A.Paganism of Ancient Russia;

Rybakov B.A.Paganism of the ancient Slavs;

Rusanova I.P. The origins of Slavic paganism;

Tolstoy N.I. Essays on Slavic paganism.

You can also use articles from Wikipedia for review (I indicate the Russian version):


I haven’t read any books on Slavic gods, but you might want to check out this post too:


Not an expert, but probably check these too?


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