Daemonic pacts S. Connolly book

Hey guys, wanted to make a thread for people needing help figuring out how to properly make pacts using a Connolly’s book 1 of her series in daemonic Magick.

My first question is for the part where you have to make the ZD sigil.

Do I have to make the ZD in every direction including the center which represents Satan?

Or is it just in the center and then once it has been made that’s when I do the enns of each spirit in their direction?

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I recall the ZD sigil. I first read about it in a guy’s website about demonic communication. Zalbarath, if I remember correctly.
Though I’ve never actually followed this method, what I had understood from the site (which now I know was based on the book🙂) you don’t have to draw it to every direction. Drawing it in the center is like using it for every single entity you summon.
And yes. You summon an entity, you chant their enn. Then move to another entity. Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks I appreciate it and what about making a pantheon? I’d heard about it before but it was never really explained that well in Connolly’s book.

So I can choose multiple demons when making pantheons? But that’s still different from my matron/patron?

Pantheons are…not my area of expertise… Actually to be completely honest I have no idea about them. I’ll see if our illuminators have something to say on the matter, if you don’t mind me doing so
@Xag_darklight , @PrinceX :slightly_smiling_face: (Figured I have occupied DarkestKnight enough for today :sweat_smile:)


That’s perfect would you have any info on the Daemonolatry goetia?

What are you interested in?

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Well I made a thread about that particular goetia before if you type it in you’ll see my post but pretty much I really needed help with things like my circle being correct and stuff like that but I never got any real help :roll_eyes:

I think I found it. Have you ever read the Key of Solomon? For me it is a must have if you wanna find your way through Goetic demonolatry :slight_smile:

I have but didn’t like the Christian perspective

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Yeah, you’re right that is an issue… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Also I dug in my archives and found this pic. Perhaps this is the circle you’re referring to?

Or maybe the universal circle? (The one EA Koetting talked about)


A Pantheon In many cultures were a council of gods that agreed with a mission or repressented one by one each element to make up the whole world.

You see many Magical systems using that kind of council some are more practical in rituals like that of the gatekeepers but it is so much more than a simple council or a personal pantheon but i see no reason to not call them like demonolaters call the demonic elementals.

i had expirimented with creating a personal pantheon which i used it sort of a circle of enpowerment in my magical operations using my patrons and most close demons,but that is not universal but yet again it is personal.


Yup the first one is the circle that was in Daemonolatry goetia. I found one like this on Etsy but didn’t know if it was ok to use.

Thanks a lot Darklight :slight_smile:


It is ok to use as far as I am concerned :slight_smile:

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Who is your patron darklight?

So there are pre made pantheons magickians are using? Is that maybe why Connolly put demonic hierarchy lists in the book?

She also gave a a-z directory of demons so I guess I can choose from them too.

Sorry for the late reply. @Xag_darklight already answered perfectly :grinning:

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Don’t worry, I always appreciate your views no matter how late you are :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::metal:


It was Euronymous the death god the death spirit that was one of the first that i had seen in evocation and heard.