Cutting off everyone from my energy field?

Would it be possible to cut off everyone from my energy field while still maintaining a good relationship with them? I feel as if one of my family members is probably draining me. I don’t want to hurt them as they’re a child but I want them out of this field for good.

I’m considering using a shield of fire with the intention of burning anything that tries to enter without permission.


Some of my family used to guilt me into things until I started visualising :no_entry_sign: on them! Then I started to think for myself and see what they’re trying to do! Their energy stopped manipulating me! :woman_shrugging: hope that helps


Visualization is what I’m blocked from doing. I afformations worked but now I’m gonna push through for a solid defence.


Maybe also look into cord cutting, and checking that the particular person doesn’t have vampiric tendrils attached to you.


Then it’s as I feared. The boy is a psychic vampire, this explains a lot.

I need to stop him, a part of me feels as if he is intentionally doing this and since psychic vampires are protected by Tiamat, Absu and Kingu, I don’t want to trigger a conflict with them. Unless maybe I get a Sun God on my side.

Is there anyway I can purify him or at least block out these abilities until he’s old enough to use them properly? Without harming him physically.


I’ve heard of Tiamat, Absu and Kingu but I’ve never heard of what’s called a sun god your definitely more experienced than me though which is really cool your smart

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There are many Sun Gods.

Surya, Amaterasu, Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus, Sunna and to an extent, Apollo and Lugh are associated with the Sun.

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Oh ok I see what you mean now yes I’ve heard of a few

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Your probably invested in them and have energy line connected to them without knowing. Get into nature for balance and take back all your energy so the energy line don’t attach no more to others. Forgive self and others. Time to reclaim your energy and any connected lines to those you have interacted with. Let go of any energy expression toward them. People energy mix when you interact with them. And some stick to each other depending on the interaction.


There’s a ritual in the book Magickal Protection by Damon Brand.

It is a ritual to remove parasitic beings. It works wonders on entites or people. When I performed it I felt a distinct disconnect from the person.

I also noticed how they would make a feeble attempt to siphon my energy and I would immediately shut that shit down. They have no clue what has changed but I can read them an they are feeling low and dejected. They can’t feed off me anymore and they can’t figure out why.

I’ll PM you the details if you want.


Since when? Where did you her that… if you believe it, it will make it so in your reality, but I never heard that before, and I don’t think it’s even remotely true.

There’s a difference between using vampiric attacks and being a vampire. Any human can siphon energy from any energy source, that’s normal.

All a vampire is, is someone with a damaged energy system that is not able to convert enough energy from normal human sources, like eating, sleeping, and the environment. They’re not special, they get to practice energy working a lot and get good at it if they are to survive long, but they’re broken beings in the end. You can’t purify him, he’s fucked up.

Find the cords and cut them. Visualize a knife or setting them on fire. I like to grab a hold of the cut end and suck my energy back double first - they don’t usually try again after that :slight_smile:

Yes - this is what I was calling a ‘cord’. You can search this term online and find a LOT of info on how to remove them, usually in reference to breakups.


@anon37593562 thank you it has helped.

@Single_Seed_In_Hell I would appreciate this thank you.

I recall VK Jehannum speaking about it when I followed the LHP.

So what happened last night was I saw this weird thing. It was a red eye surrounded by Tendrils. My Astral Weapons didn’t do shit so I grabbed it and destroyed it using Solar energy and then shielded and now I feel at peace and have been reclaiming my energy. My now cleared up intuition tells me this thing was sent by someone else but strangely enough all psy vamp signs with this child have faded.

I like this method. Do you filter out their energy?

Thank you all for your advice.

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I’ve experienced the same thing with family members, it sucks.

I used the Remove Parasitic Being sigil from gallery of magick on my mother, when I found out she was feeding from me.

She had a stroke two days later. Probably the sudden lack of energy. And it wasn’t my intention to hurt her.

So, be careful. I’m not talking morals, just know the risks when you cut someone off suddenly.


I don’t agree with “blocking out his abilities”. I’m not a psychic vampire but people did this to me as a kid and I ended up getting swift revenge via curse when I was older.


I’m sorry about that. Maybe a healing spell could help you.

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That’s how I deal with parasites.

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Awesome :slight_smile: Sounds like a parasite then. These things can also pretend to be other beings in an attempt to give you a false trail when trying to get rid of them, or just cause strife, as the energetic upset from that is also something they can feed off.

I actually don’t filter when taking back my own energy, but I’m also very yin and naturally ‘eat’ almost anything that comes to me as well as having protections in place. The only time I vampirise someone is as part of baneful work on them and then I do filter, but I’m more likely to drain their energy into the ground.


Hey it’s not your fault, it’s mine! Just thought people would want to know first.

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Turns out it was also the kid. We’ve been Astral battling for the past two days and I deep cutting his tendrils and sealing them with fire.

Tried your method and it felt good taking my energy back