Custom Gatekeeper Ouiji board idea

Well was spending my day studying for an upcoming exam so ofc inspiration streck and lead me astray.
Have been interested in ouiji boards since i was a kid, never used one thou, parents burned 1 i made as a teenager and ofc ive been told all the horror stories.
As the reliability of them is questionable i havent given them that much thought but now i feelt like i would give it a chance.
So ive started laying out a rough design of it and will se If i can get the materials to make utbyte this week.

The design of this one is tested towards the 9 gatekeepers and the idea is that the communication will be with them only or if to anyone else then the gatekeepers will act like guardians or watchers.
There are some things i still need to fix on it butvthats only a rough image, the gatekeepers and seals are not all in the right positions so that need to be taken care of, then i need to evaluate the seals but im pretty happy with them and they just feel right.
As for colour of it i imagine it all being done on a 2cm thick wooden board. Base paint black, star and all letters and Numbers in read and the sigills and accompanying name im thinking of making with goldleaf.


It really catches my eyes. It is mesmerising. You should get this mockup transformed into reality, in a wood board.
Maybe you could even make them at home, and sell them online. I am sure lots of people would buy them. Very very beautiful and useful design.


If it gets done the way i want i will pist some pictures of it and mayby a dig guide for it.there are tons of gourgeus boards out there and this one will be a share compared to things ive seen.
Even If folks would like to buy it i wouldnt have time to make them, and i believe the value of making it yourself is better then to buy it so that Why i will post how i do it do anyone can do it for themself.
Happy you liked the design @anon48532061 having someone complement the idea makes me even more commited to do it (:smile:


It was just a profitable idea for you. There are tons of people who like to buy that kind of things online.
Anyway, I am glad I helped you somehow <3.

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Yeah, I could see finished boards like this being sold and anything dealing with the 9 gatekeepers is good. Communication then working on opening up the gateways (even if they only open in your mind or are invisible).

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I’m impressed. I really like it :slight_smile:

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So then it may be possible to make a board for each individual entity?

If I was selling them then HELL YEAH there would be. $$$$$ but do you have space for 80+ boards?

Looking forward to that.

Yea you could probobly do that but om enlighet end up with lots of boards If that were the case :smile:
My intention as stated is to use this board mostly for the gatekeepers so after its made it will be cleansed and concecrated for them and basicly i wanna bind them and their energi to the board so If i choose to call another entity the idea is that the gatekeepers will screen the call and prevent unwanted entitys to make connections.
A similary bord could probobly be made but with the Angelic watchtowers insteed but for the same purpouse.

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I see. Definitely looking forward to the finished product.

Been a little time since this post was started and im nor completly finished with the board but its going in the right direction.
Wanna upplogad a photo to show whats been done so far.


That looks pretty awesome.

Thanks, need to go over the red once more, the letters needs 2 layers of red on them, the sigills shall be covers in goldleaf and finally i will clearcoat it with 2-3 layers for protection.
What started as a simple tool will end up as being an alter and allaround tool for the gatekeepers.
Cant wait till im finished.


That shit is :fire: :heart_eyes:

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I noticed that you are using Malzaz Hyroth name from EA’s Universal Circle.

Did you consult with Malzaz Hyroth to help in the contact of the 9 Gatekeeper? (Good idea by the way).

And did you consult with EA about using the name and symbols in as far as transferring Malzaz Hyroth spirit to the board?

For a side note it would be wise to consult with EA if you ever decide to sale the board to avoid “intellectual property” problems down the road.


I just looked at EA’s Universal Circle and noticed that you are using one part of the symbols.

Where are the other 2 from, if I may ask.

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I think he could leave him off and it’d still be bad ass.

Not sure about legal side if he did try to sell them but I’ve never needed Malzaz Hyroth continuously so I’d be down without him on it (I should say he did help me once and is wonderful, I’ve just never worked consistently with him)

Id actually like to put a few of my other favorite demons in place of


Either way it’s a great concept and idea. I will be making one of my own when I get the chance