Cursing the right person

I have a question about divination. Do you guys know a good method to identify someone?

I do have experience with performing rituals but this is just background info about my situation: I am being stalked (because there is some crazy person who believes in conspiracy theories and believes that I sacrifice children or whatever). This person keeps sending me weird packages like ‘cursed stones’ and a fake membership pass from ‘the flat earth society’ (my address is on the Internet because of my own business). And a while ago I was being stalked by different phone numbers as well. It clearly is someone who knows about (rhp)esoteric knowledge and knows stuff about me that only a small number of people are supposed to know. I have some clues about who this might be doing. And now apparently this person is also sending letters to Christian organizations about how I need to be saved or whatever.

I even went to the police, because this this bullshit is going on for too long now (about 6 months). They told me that I could press charges regarding stalking and even regarding hate crimes, but if I do this there might be consequences (and it is not sure whether they will be able to find out who the stalker is), because they would invite the suspect at the police station and I think that if he knows that I still see him as a suspect he is going to influence a lot of people (even if he is innocent, it is a very nasty person who will make me and my boyfriend look bad and this could also have consequences for my boyfriend). I still have to decide whether I will press charges or not. On one hand I sort of feel flattered, because of the amount of effort this stalker puts into me, but on the other hand I feel like it has to end somewhere.

So I was also thinking about the ritual Koetting describes in this video below (I never cursed someone before, but I have worked a lot with Asmodeus and I was planning on working with him again). Bit I am hesitating, because I am not a 100 percent sure about who the stalker is. And I keep thinking about what if I curse the wrong person (and I have no idea about the outcome of the ritual). That is why I wanted to ask you guys whether you know about a method to be a bit more sure about whether my suspicions are valid? Thanks in advance!

I think what you need to do is banish these people. There are tons of tutorials on this site to help you with that.

I would agree with banishment for this case, although EA’s curse you mentioned definitely looks potent. If you are inclined with the demonic, I do have a Sorath banishing. It may be able to be adapted to Asmodeus due to you personal relationship (talk to him first), much like how this one was based on mine with Sorath. It is interesting because it is a banishment with the bite of a curse behind it.

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Fortiar, the Demon of Binding from Kingdoms of Flame, should be able to get him off of your back. You don’t need to know his name. You can just say, “the one who is stalking me.” Unless you have more than one, the demon will know. It won’t kill him, but it will prevent him from acting against you while you follow up with a curse to remove him permanently.

If you are familiar with the works of the Gallery of Magick, the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield has some pretty good spells to fit your needs that are easier than full evocation.

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