Cursing Children

Yes, I do constant protection bath rituals. For me they work for a certain time period though…then I got to look and look for something else to use instead.

I only work with the Goetia current, but from that pantheon I would totally suggest Great President Ose


I will look into that then!
Thank you! Much appreciated.

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Toast to that. :wine_glass:

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You can as well have some entertainment before you go into full death curse mode (although @Micah s
methods manifest quicker, I guess).


Just a friendly reminder to anyone else who feels the need to post in this thread.

As a seemingly necessary clarification of the above points, working threads are not to be treated as referendums, nor invitations to comment on whether you personally approve of the OP’s desires, intentions, personality, or anything else. This means don’t derail these threads by stating your disapproval of the OP’s stated goal, nor by nit-picking, insults, or mockery.

Personal morality is irrelevant, the age of a potential victim is also irrelevant in a working thread. Please keep the rules of this forum in minds before responding.


I only recommended some popcorn to that movie for the OP :slightly_smiling_face:

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Party pooper. If we were in middle school together I’d stuff you in a locker.


Of course! children can see or feel demons if they wish it. The problem is the adults who block that ability.


I wonder why they’re more spiritually attuned. I know that adults are blocked because of their parents and so on, but I just wonder why they’re like that at birth. It almost seems as if the child is restarting from their last life.


There was no lockers were i was at in “middle school” there were however cells, multiple stabbings and of course the ever present concern of being gang rape. Sometimes i do lament not experiencing the more domesticated side of young adulthood.

But be that as it may.
Can’t be helped if we want to stay here. :man_shrugging:


Mmm… I kinda w/ agree PrinceX, but I also understand where @charles9 is coming from.

This is a black magick forum and a working thread; a lot of what we do here is frowned upon by different schools of thought, and black magicians ultimately have their own free will.

That said, going after those kids could really [email protected] up their whole lives! Childhood curses can ruin somebody’s whole lifetime, cause them to be heavily bullied, lead to depression and even suicide, etc. Why should those kids have to suffer so much for something their mother has done?

But then again, I understand the urgency of @Blkwidow’s situation (the way she explains it, it’s self-defence). Maybe @charles9 and @PrinceX could assist @Blkwidow in counter-attacking and neutralizing that woman (a very fierce and extreme working against her). Just a suggestion.

But the ultimate decision (per the rules of the forum as laid down by @charles9) lies in @Blkwidow’s hands.

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You don’t have an issue with her children. Your issue is with HER.

Do a mirror box reversal on her. That’ll send her bile right back at her and then some.

Or, if you’re sadistic, redirect and bind the curses she’s sending to you onto her kids. That way, whatever she throws at your family land on her own kids. She ends up punishing them, not you. In that case, the karma in that case becomes 100% hers.


I’m going to remove any moralising posts here, the title is perfectly plain and working threads are not referendums to be voted down into silence by moralising.

Open the gateway of age being a factor, and we open the door to every baneful topic being pulled in case it somehow negatively affects a minor.


But it doesn’t.

If you see somebody crossing the street and try to run them over, only to plow into another vehicle, thus killing yourself instantly…

…it’s not the other person’s fault you did that. That’s on YOU.


Well thankfully karma and I don’t get along. Ive never believed in Karma.

I’d also leave the kids alone, but consider these two ideas:

  1. This is a black magick forum. We all joined of our own accord. Once we becomemembers of a black magick forum designed to conjure demons, it’s kind of too late to moralize.
  2. Anything you do to the mother is going to affect her children, because she’s their economic guardian. If she dies, they have to take care of her. If she’s injured, she can’t work or provide for them. If she goes crazy, they have to take care of her. And son on and so forth.

Ideally, the only moral thing that can be done is to bind the mother so she can’t do anything to the OP. That would probably be best. However, where there’s a will there’s a way. That woman is determined to keep going at the OP. Some people don’t stop until you stop them.

In the interest of not making it a back-and-forth deal, i suggested a redirect, so the perp does all the damage to her own relatives. The idea is to make her so guilty for what she’s done that she stops of her own accord, having unintentionally harmed her own loved ones. The way to top that up is then to send a demon to torment her for what she did, driving her around the bend with guilt and shame. By doing htis you don’t attack the children - you let her do it. And you make sure she pays the price for her own troublemaking, every penny of it.

Sometimes you have to use psychology on people. This situation warrants that.

Oh yeah she is determined…only if you knew how determined she is.
And how far she has taken things to a point where ive been in and out of the hospital with no diagnose and 16 doctors questioning how ive been able to keep alive because i was daily throwing up blood, heart failing and no medical symptom behind it. Was tested for everything even bone marrow biopsy because they were sure i had some sort of cancer.
For a whole year i took her cursing like a pro not lifting a finger to stop her, giving her a chance to back off and for sake of my husband and his kids.
But once i started reversing everything … i was miraculously cured… no more pain…no more severe bruising…no more low blood platelets…no more throwing up…like nothing ever happened.
Now she can’t no longer hurt me and now she goes after my parents…husband, siblings and my 7 month baby.

Like you said…theres always a limit of how much shit someone will take and im done with this shit. Im done playing nice…done waiting on miracle for her to stop…im done reversing everything back to mother nature or even protecting her own kids from my hexing. She crossed the line, she has taken it too far and either magick will take care of it or ill end up behind bars if i ever see her face to face.
Thats how much my hate has grown and sadly until i make sure she got her own ass kicked i wont be happy.


Do the mirror reversing. Let her do the damage to herself and go on with your life. When she starts hurting herself and her loved ones, she will either stop of her own accord, or THEY will turn on her for constantly hammering them instead of you.

Realize this doesn’t have to be your fight and use psychology to gain the upper hand.


And yes some of the reversal has ended up hurting her kids but apparently she doesn’t care.
Nothing serious but everytime i heal my husband from uncommon pains it automatically impacts one of his kids. I dont intentionally do it…i just kindly ask for it to be returned to its sender.

I guess she don’t sew that either, and i also dont think its fair for my familiy to take the beating in order to protect her children

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