Cursing Children

I need recommendation of entities (demons preferably) to work with in order to cast spells against 2 children.
Before you judge me I got my reasons as to why I need to take this route in order to make a bitch suffer.
To summarize…she has fucked with my own loved ones and well its time she suffers as well. Ive tried many curses against her only, but it just doesn’t seem enough for her to stop and im fed up with this non stop battle. So, maybe hurting the ones she most cares for will.
Just not sure which demons out there can help make this happen.


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Bind her? Bat Zephon, Meh’mi’on, or one of the Goetia?

Making someone more miserable than they already are, isn’t going to make them behave better.

Striking terror into their heart might work. But it’s not guaranteed.

Going after their nearest and dearest isn’t necessarily going to make someone who is persistent be less persistent.

Hence, my binding suggestion.

Also, after binding her, ignoring her and dismissing her will would help massively. After all, energy flows where your attention goes, and you want to stop dumping fuel on the fire, correct?


Lots of demons love children cause they are somehow attuned to the Qliphot. Interesting question


No excuses to harm children whatsoever… if you want to curse the bitch, curse her not the kids. This is not a subject of discussion. I don’t know who they are but I know you and I will personally protect them against anything you do. Give it your best shot. Thread muted.


Well its pretty hard to forget about her when she will always be there if I dont get rid of her since she is the mother of my husband’s kids.
All this time…(over a year) ive just returned what she has done to me. But recently she hasn’t been able to cause me any more pain so she has now been paying someone to go after my mother, father, sister, child and my husband.
Ive done many protection spells for them, but sooner or later her shit leaks in. Maybe im not strong enough to protect all including businesses?
So since things are no longer just being tossed towards me, she is now intentionally hurting my family. To me its only fair now to hurt hers as well.
Maybe it wont stop her like you say , but revenge is what i want.

Thats the thing though…she wont stop. She didn’t care to start this war since the beginning knowing that her kids could get hurt.
If she hasn’t cared to hurt my family and siblings and my own child why should I?


As someone who has personally been there, I can say that revenge is fine as long as you move on from it quickly. Too many people keep themselves stuck in revenge/hatred/rage/etc. And that’s where things go wrong.

Look, you say she’s the mother of your husband’s kids? Surely you’d be harming his children too?

Are you sure you hate the kids that much you’d be willing to harm them to get at her? Are you sure you can handle any of the possible consequences? Because every choice, every thought, every action has at least one consequence.

Bind the person she’s paid. They’re only doing it for the money, I suspect. Which makes things easier.

Then superglue her lips together (not literally, use magick ;p ). If necessary, stop the flow of money into her life so that she can’t afford to pay anyone to attack you and your family. You get the idea.

What I’m saying is, there are other ways. Be more creative and less predictable.

And I’ve always found that the best revenge is the one where you come out on top in life despite the shit that people do… be happy, be free from hatred/fear/rage, etc. Build a life you want, and enjoy it. That would upset every miserable person out there who play in the muck, so to speak. Because, deep down, they wish they could do the same thing and be where you are.

Real revenge doesn’t involve petty tit for tat shit, and keeping yourself in the vibrational sewer. :wink:


Because you’re better than that. If you want to be. :wink:

Anyway i bookmarked the thread. I am very interested in this topic.

Why do I feel there is much more to this than being said? You think going after a mother’s children is going to stop her? Ha. The things I would do to you. They are your husband’s children?


Well yes there is 2 years worth of things not said.
And its not like I want to end her kids, because yes they are my husband’s kids thats the only reason why I haven’t gone after her full blast because of her kids, but she is now after my own child. So why should i just cross my arms and play nice?

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Do you feel she had legitimate issue with you in the beginning? Just curious. Going after her kids or crossing your arms and play nice is a big difference. Just go full blast after her like you said and learn to protect those you love. If you can’t protect them now, what makes you think you can after you go after her kids? To me, protecting my children would come before any revenge feelings I had. Hurting those children, you’ll hurt your husband too. Keep that in mind.

I appreciate your response and believe me that I have held back from doing things because like you say …I am better than that.
But in my situation its a hard thing to swallow and just let go. I could care less if she was just after me since she can’t harm me.

But what do you do when your own husband is the one who was court ordered to legally give her alimony which is what she uses to pay for her dirty work? Lol! Thats the only source of income she has besides the 250k she got after home sold due to divorce.

You don’t want to cross that line.


Don’t want to moralize :slight_smile:
But attacking her social structures and her wealth (or whatever her materialistic existence is build on) is way more fun :slight_smile:


No. She never had a legitimate reason to go after me in the first place. She just got pissed off because I was his first wife 9 years ago…we divorced after a year…
Then they were together for 7 years… and now ive been his wife once again for 2 years.
They divorced a year before him and I even started talking again.
So she is just angry that 9 years went by and he never stopped loving me and looked for me after they split.

And yes i know that hurting the kids will hurt him thats why i havent done anything against them. But she is now hurting my baby so apparently she doesnt have limitations

Yes it would be! But her wealth is her alimony. Which is my husband…which is my own Construction company.

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You just learn to protect them first and if I were you, I would do a return to sender. This way everything she sends out comes back to her.


Oh if there only was a possibility she wouldn’t be eligible for alimony that long anymore. Like, short term marriages under ten years…