Cursing an asshole and then what afterwards?

Let’s say you are being bullied by some asshole and you need to really fuck this person over. You evoke a Demon to do the task and it is successful. What about the possibility that this bully could actually warm to you down the line? Are we to shut the asshole off completely indefinitely or go with the flow?

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is a good link which covers this also.

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Well, the choice is really up to the person in the situation. I have dealt with assholes both ways. The waiting game can be very long, and the door-slam method is not even permanent.

The thing about “loving your enemies” is that it pisses off your enemies. Acting better than they act makes it obvious you’re better than them altogether, and they KNOW it. This can often make things much worse very quickly. The safest bet is always just apathy toward people who look for negative reaction, which leaves your option open to either slam the door or burn their house or let them come around.

The hard part is finding the line between apathy and doormat


I just changed the title of thread so as to not confuse.

We magically blast a bully but they’re still part of our economic or social setting.

What do you , ignore them after the curse or keep on cursing until they are out of your existence and just see what happens?

Start blasting the things around them, not directly at them after the first shot. Remove their foundation, and their house will crumble to dust


How do you mean? Things around them?

Does the bully have a significant other? Blast them. Does the asshole have friends? Blast them. Job? Curse it into permanent misery, or better yet, curse the job to be obsolete. Hobby? Make it impossible to pursue. Favorite food? Make the bully unable to eat it. Car? Blast it. House? Blast it.

Basically, take a look at the things that would destroy their life if they went wrong. My favorite is cursing the job, people leave when they are escorted out permanently, and the job market blows right now. Its not a permanent fix of the asshole, but it does remove it from your immediate pool of humans

This also gives you a convenient outlet for the energy you save up while the threat has not yet vanished. Its easy to let that shit build up, and uncontrolled explosions do not serve a sorcerer. Instead, vent like this, and you will pour power into the heavy shove on the threat over time until they’re gone. I’ve done this a few times, always to staggering effect


Just don’t blast his cat if he has one. Cats are beautiful.


Heh, I did NOT mention hurting animals associated with the threat. I agree, animals are cool, and mostly innocent


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What if he’s a work colleague? Haha you can’t blast his job then.


Curse him with eternal erectile dysfunction.


But you CAN blast HIS job. If he fails at his job, he will be released. Throw things in his way, make him hate his job, make it impossible for him to fulfil his job. Think carefully about it before you act so that YOU come out looking polished and perfect. Its doable, I’ve done it. Sometimes they get so deeply miserable they leave on their own


He does hate his job, that’s why he takes his shit out on me.

Then your options are to either usurp his position and uncover his incompetence before his bosses, or move on. If he IS the boss, then you have to uncover his incompetence to his underlings, and you can usurp his position through mutiny with your fellow coworkers.

The key here is precision, and what i like to call “spiritual judo.” Let him dig his own grave


He’s quite competent at his job when he wants to be, dare I say, very reliable. He has some quite dangerous friends apparently so that could be manipulated by Demons perhaps.

Some days he’s alright, he used to be generally nice. I try to dwell on his good points

I would like to know that curse please?(the one for erectile dysfunction)

I don’t know either. I just thought it would be a good idea.

Honestly, burnout may be your best bet, with knowing the rest of the circumstances. My old boss was extraordinarily talented and effective, but so burned out he was mean and gossippy with everyone. When the straw finally broke the camel’s back, he resigned his position and became a decent human being again. I had sent a small black vortex his way a few times, but nothing serious. I really just waited for him to snap and either get fired, retire, or step down.

Ironically enough, my new boss is reaching that level of burnout already, on the job for only six months or so. I, however, am leaving the department soon, so I am dodging that one.

Which is another point- why not try to move yourself out of his way? It feels like victim blaming to suggest that, but it IS a legitimate tactic. He won’t stop being an asshole, but even cursing him to get away from you only sends his assholery elsewhere anyways. And, if you’re good, you can get better pay, influence, et cetera out of the deal


Thought-provoking questions such as this are the reason I do not curse anyone, period.

When it comes to removing undesirable people from my life, or from other people’s lives… I more often than not create a more desirable circumstance for the intended target elsewhere. This way they leave mine or my client’s life without me having to curse anyone.