Curseing a spiritual teacher 🤔

This is just a question that popped in my mind once in a while.
What would happen if one would curse a spiritual teacher or some kind of advance enlightenmen person.
I am sure they not going to run in the cemetery and get dirt and black candle for protection.
Probably they would get into a deep meditation and would observe the energy with calm mind state.

Would the energy just die off? Will it reflect back? Will some spiritual guardian attack the attacker?

I am just asking this because idk is just a question that popped in my head a couple of times and find this an interesting topic

And no I would never try that.

You can curse a spiritual teacher the same way you’d curse a non spiritual teacher/individual really, even spiritual teachers or “enlightened beings” aren’t infallible.


In my opinion, it would depend entirely on the teacher.

There are a lot of supposedly “enlightened” gurus who are nothing of the kind, and engage in a lot of questionable behaviour, with even a few that have been arrested for sexual offences against their female devotees (like the founder of Bhakti yoga who fled back to India to escape charges in the US)

Because a lot of Westerners don’t understand the traditional guru/disciple relationship, especially with Eastern teachers, they tend to get taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.


Assuming they are spiritually enlightened in the high vibrational sense, as in having highly developed energy, my feeling is nothing much would happen.
If they noticed at all they should have the skills to rebalance their patterns, but this might happen automatically.

No because enlightened people tend not to be vindictive. To attack someone that can’t hurt them is like kicking a barking puppy.


Thats what I thought as well! Thank you for clearing that out.
Now imagine when you teach that level and practice magick as well.
Probably one could reach a level like the ascended master Jesus? Walking on water and turning metal into gold and water into wine and possibly even teleporting around without worrying about time and space. This person would have complete control over the illusion world.
This “priest” is well known in my country as a saint for his gifts and was able to teleport he teleported across the country when he was in a jail cell to his mother funeral.
I dont think he was a priest he got kicked out of the monastery and he may have been dealing with occult stuff.
Any way I believe he was pretending to be a priest but he was extremely gifted.
One could walk up to him and he would know his or her name and why he or she came up to him and he would not even look at the person.
His name is Arsenie Boca his Romanian

Or maybe I am exaggerating. :laughing:

I cursed my spiritual teacher when he happened to show up with very vice of manipulation… He lost is clairvoyant skills and some health (ironic he was a healer).

There is a risk spiritual person could send the vibe back. I would expect that especially from tantric lamas.

I suppose many spiritual teachers are cursed everyday. I think they are enough trained in dealing with unbalanced students so random curses shouldn’t make a problem :wink:

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