Cursed after attempting to sell my soul to satan?

am i freaking cursed?
let me tell you a little story.

i had this in my life that went down bad, i went through a break with my first love, and thats when i got depressed, cutting my self, went to therapy because i tried to kill myself 2 times.
i thought the only way out, is to sell my soul to „satan“ „lucifer“ or how you call it.

i did a petition; wrote a deal, signed it in blood and carried it with me, i was my with my friend and wanted to burn it to fulfill the deal. this was when my friend took the paper out of my hand, ripped it apart it so many pieces and threw it in the wind.

since that my life has went badder and badder.
i got criminal. i did a robbery, started consuming drugs, was involved in an car accident, had police raided my house 3x times leaving my family with traumata and anxiety disorders, almost went to jail for 2 years, now i cant get a driver license, got no hope to find a girl, get out of this little city and make friends. im really down bad trapped, and see all my friends doing huge changes in their life.

i got spiritual awakened, balanced all my chakras and love my self, i stay positive no matter what happens, and tell my self to think positive and not manifest negativity, but even though i still get fucked up everytime.

am i cursed or what the hell is going on? and could it be associated with saturn? everytime i try to allign with saturn energy, something bad happens.

how can i ever end this ?:frowning:

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Saturn is a harsh teacher… if you’re not doing your part in life to improve, it will fk you up to teach you a lesson… it removes what you are abusing, or don’t use…
Saturn takes away everything and builds you up from scratch! It’s not easy…

I would suggest aligning with the sun and the moon because they are more forgiving and they heal you without pushing you to the breaking point!

Also selling your soul isn’t what you think it’s!


so could that mean that when saturn would be fucking me up, thats for me to learn a lesson for something greater destined for me ?

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Selling your soul is about the stupidest thing you can do, you’re basically enslaving yourself eternally to an entity, so I recommend against it.

It doesn’t sound to me like you sold your soul to Lucifer or Satan, who btw are different entities.
Usually in a soul deal, the entity draws up the deal for you, not the other way around.

My guess is you attracted parasites who play on your ideas on Selling your soul

Also I think my comment is on par with the rules

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Yes! But it’s really hard to handle :confused: if you aren’t in a good mental state to begin with then it’s too dangerous…

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how can i detach these entities away from me?
i also think the deal was not completed. which is good

guess it‘s too late and the path has started ?

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I will do something for you

In the meantime please promise me you won’t ever do something like this again, your soul is invaluable, nothing anyone offers compares to it


I just spoke to Kali Maa, let’s see


no i will never, i was too young, and in such an low vibrational state…
please save me

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It’s OK, I saw Kali Maa hugging you



There’s a Saturn plantery frequency on YouTube by a channel with the name Prometheus in it. It has beneficial Saturn energy that will not harm you. I use the Mars one


Can u gimme the link of that channel?

Make sure you truly learn if you want to continue with Saturn’s energies…

Also learn some basic banishing just incase parasites messing with you!

If you want to stop Saturn’s effects the hexagram banishing does that but it also banish all the planetary energies.

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Just as I suspected, you have beings attacking you, not sure who tho, but Kali Maa is protecting you

Try to do banishments as well, LBRP and all that

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i know this channel, but im scared :smiley:

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bless you i appreciate it very much! hail kali maa and your lovely soul❤️

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It’s giving me a headache

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