Cursed after attempting to sell my soul to satan?

Your body may need time to get used to it or Saturn’s energy is not right for your body rn. It took me a few days before I was ready for the Mars version

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Thanks, I’ve been listening to it for about 25 mins, and familiar objects seam foreign, my arms and hands seam as long clumsy sticks. it feels good though, makes my body vibrate

which one are you listening to currently?

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That Saturn frequency, I am wondering if there is a Belial Frequency

Belial’s Planet is the sun, you could listen to the sun’s frequency, but i dont think that it may connect you to belial, more to the planet sun.

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I don’t think Belial is associated with the sun, maybe with Mars

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Maybe I can listen to Mars and the Sun at the same time

ill take a look in the book od demonolatry by s conolly

Mine is just a guess, I’m not sure if belials planet is Mars, but I find it highly unlikely it’s the sun, having worked closely with Solar energy from Ra and Lucifer, Belial never came close to that I felt

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I’m jealous, I wish to work closely with Belial

i just looked into the book. and it says that his planet is the sun. this is confusing me rn

wow how did you connect to RA

The first time was through Sekhmet, now I just call him when I want to

Could be the sun, I don’t know tbh, but based on my workings with him I don’t think so

@chiraq and @MagickVigilante i found Belial’s frequency, sort of, maybe his song.