Curse Target

Anyone need a curse target?

My exgirlfriend destroyed me to the very core. Absolute annihilation. She cheated on me and used me for my adderall prescription, my time, my energy, she demanded 100% of my attention while I was finishing two graduate degrees and forced me to attend to her every need forcing me to drop everything I was doing to attend to her every need.

I’m so stupid for allowing her to do this to me, but I loved her so much. But she fucked me over so many times and cheated on me and is with the guy she cheated on me with and has faced literally no consequences for her actions.

If you need a curse target, this girl deserves it with every ounce of her soul.

I dont know if I’m allowed to post pics of her and her name or links to her facebook or whatever you need, but please let me know if youd like to practice.

No, that’s definitely against the forum rules sorry, however if done in a PM it is fine.

Also these is no reason you can’t do a curse on her yourself, Rage and pain is an excellent catalyst for success.


Hello Charles,

Thank you.
I have released my rage with visualization of her destruction a number of times, have utilized a simple black candle and similar visualization, and even went as far as attempting to invoke Belial, Focalor, Pazuzu, Guland, and Keltar similar to the curse from EA, but nothing seems to faze her. At least not through my workings.

The biggest biggest problem I have is forgetting about the ritual and not lusting after the result. I believe my current emotional state is not optimal for these workings, thus someone else may have better affect. They may not have as powerful of a desire, but most likely will have a stronger will and will be able to forget.

You beat me to it @charles9 !

I must say, I do find it a bit odd @anon92207410 for you to come onto this forum and immediately start asking people to curse an ex girlfriend for you. I find this a bit…uncouth. You are a stranger to us.

We’re not against cursing, but we don’t know you.


I’m not asking. If you would like to practice then please do. If not, then please don’t

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@anon92207410 i know that you feel broo …
I also experienced the same thing, and now I can say in almost bankrupt
but I still love her… maybe I’m stupid or something else …
but in the meantime I try to focus not too obsessively because it will interfere with working magic

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Perhaps you should ask the demons for help in forgetting the ritual so that you can be succesful?


That way the most amount of rage and anger would be in the curse (because everyone here is neutral towards her) but you’d also be able to forget it at the same time.

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I will be honest. I have seen some results from what I’ve asked and through what I’ve visualized, but they are always fleeting results and I believe it is because of my obsession. I will try to ask them to help me forget.

Thank you.

These things require patience hun. Sometimes things will take longer to manifest than others. Just as Rome didn’t fall in a day, it could be months before the true curse that you want to take place. Just keep working at it. :slight_smile:

EA always says to release everything until you have no emotion left to release, but it feels like I have an endless amount of it and I think my obsession feeds it.

How many times should I conduct invocations and rituals of this sort?

How long have you waited for results?

I have seen results manifest within literally days of doing a ritual. But it never lasts.

And the results are a derivative of what I asked for. Not quite to the degree but like a minor form of my visualization.

For instance, I visualized her feeling deathly ill and throwing up. I found out a couple days later she got too drunk and threw up all night and so sick she lost her voice. But It wasn’t the deathly sick I visualized and felt

Another time I visualized stabbing her and staring at her with really blue eyes. The next night she had a dream i was staring at her with really cold blue eyes

Then perhaps your magick may require more work so you can do this “intense spell” (I mean no insult). Another thought that came across your mind is the fact that maybe you should just let go? It sounds like you’ve been working on this for some time and if that’s the case, you should pick your battles and realize what is and isn’t worth your time. If you’re trying to move what happened with this woman, you should begin detaching yourself from her and just let it go. Perhaps this is a reason why the results you want are not happening. (IMHO)


Yes. You’re absolutely right. I just cant find it in me to let go. It kills me every day and every night. Perhaps asking the demons for help on this front may work.

The best artists are unheard of because they burn their art or destroy it after and forget it ever existed. when creating works of art it is 100% a physical representation of manifesting ones thoughts into reality. Those artist might have absolutely no attachment to the work once it is manifested. Also as @chi said you may want to let go (it is called baneful magick for a reason though). You say she made you waste your time and energy yet you waste time and energy still. love is blinding and it hurts much.

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Semper ad meliora :wink:

It’s the worst feeling to love such a monster. My rational mind knows exactly what she is and how little time she is worth. But love is a two sided coin and the other side is hate and I also feel that to a great extent!