Curse on a resistant enemy not manifesting as desired?

One target I have seems particularly resistant to anything sent his way. He has caused me problems for a while and although I have weakened him, he still comes back after a few months,trying to cause problems and involving others. I have no contact with him or anyone near him and moved to avoid him.

He lost his job, car, partner, wealth, some social support he had and still he attempts to rise and cause trouble.

I have success on most other things and can’t get rid of this person fully. He just loses more and gets more bitter and angry.

Advice on how to get rid would be appreciated. My banishments last a few months only and curses work as above.


What problems does he bring? What’s his reason? For this kind of strong will there has to be some kind of motivation.

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I rejected him and his advances 2 years ago. He is not used to this as he is a ‘playboy’ type and very strong willed,lots of friends in the small town we lived in.

He has a history of stalking and domestic abuse the Police told me and Police made it worse so I stopped this approach a year ago and moved.

It is now not about the original issue, but a game he has to fill time. Lots of info I can’t put on here but this is the jist

For someone like that I would simply use a death curse. From what I can determine from your post so far, He has had every opportunity to walk away.

*Get a photograph of him, or better yet, a piece of him (like a bit of hair, fingernail clipping ect.). If you have an old film camera, a photo negative of him would be almost as ideal as a piece of him.

*Energetically charge it to become a living connection to him.

*Put it in a jar along with some kind of poison.

*Watch as his health slowly deteriorates to the point of death.

*Enjoy your newly regained peace.

*If opportunity allows, get little bit of his dead self, (Ashes, a bone, ect). Use it to enslave his spirit and make him your bitch in the after life. You may need the help of a good voodoo priest for this part.


Thank you. I literally have 2 people in my life who make it miserable,one I can deal with and then HIM.
I have no idea why he is still around after what I have thrown at him.
He is the one that has made me doubt my abilities,which I know are good.
I think it is because he is on drugs and has a chaotic lifestyle anyway.
I even had a friend use a Samuel and Lilith curse on him and he self destructed further, crashed his car and then came back 3 months later :frowning:

I will try this, thank you

You’re welcome.

I wish you much success.

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Haha dayum the dude seems idiotic asf never mess with a witch lmao he has no idea what’s coming :joy:


I would say usually, yes but he just carries on with his life in tatters like a zombie programmed to do the same shit no matter what.
it is infuriating


Yeah that is relatable asf I have a friend who comes back for more lmao but he isn’t over the line like your stalker friend haha I think you should just think this thru one more time and see if he really deserves to die for this I mean surely some spell in the world could shut him off from you without him dying (sound like a RHP person lmao) but eh idc

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I would be happy for him to just go, death would be good too

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King Paimon and Duke Dantelion are known to be good for manipulating humans.
Evoke them and ask if they can make him go away and forget about you.
Try binding on saturdays in the hour of Saturn. That would also help (if you dont want to kill him).

Another way to put him away is to do a magickal ritual to expose his past deeds to police that should put him away for few years. Not recommended as he might come back after that :stuck_out_tongue: But its an option.


Thank you.

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You can also effectively work with Opfaal , an Angel
he will ‘wake him up’ from his zombification -from all his addictions, bondage, addictions, attachments, and help him see clear maybe for the first time in his life, and actually behave correctly, and probably not taunt you unnecessarily…;

His actions are probably the effect of a craving, maybe feeling rejected or disapproved by his mother or something…;

Including whatever makes that you’re manifesting these people in your experience field too, can be healed by Opfaal?

He will also restore spiritual abilities… :slight_smile:

Highly efficient :slight_smile:


thank you

I don’t know what your statement of intent was but I’m going to assume that it wasn’t for him to go away and leave you alone. Rather i suspect it was a bit more geared towards general suffering and loss.

If I had an annoying neighbor and wanted them to leave, it would do me no good to just curse them. The resulting losses might actually nail them down and make them unable to leave.


Yes! I wanted to fill his life with so much other stuff that he was too busy to keep doing stupid shit to me. I did a DUME and got out all of this hate and 2 of his nasty friends died ,one of a drug overdose and another by an out of the blue 3am hanging. He just kept on… I think my energy may not have been direct enough as he used others to get to me and I focussed on them too.

I think I need to really focus and let my emotions run cold instead and then do 100 percent straight direction . I think that was the fault,too much emotion and anger in different directions.


Bury him in black salt.
Put his picture on mars water

Last resort:

Get a toad (alive) put his picture inside toad’s mouth sew it with black thread… wait for the toad to die, bury in cemetery. Enjoy the results. (Mexican curse right here, haven’t done it yet, but I’ve been told this is lethal)


Is it possible that they are working magick as well? Or are they not into magick? I ask because, even as a newbie to magick, I fended off an attack a month ago by simply creating a pact to do so. It just so happens I know the person who was attacking me and that they call Belial their “patron”. I formed a pact with Belial to stop the attack. It worked amazingly well. That twat waffle still has no idea how I am not suffering. Quite the opposite, I really dig Belial and have an even more lasting and damn near permanent pact with him now that seems to be going pretty well. He is basically everywhere I go and I would not have it any other way.

At any rate, that was a tangent and I apologize. My point is, you are doing magick to go after them. Is it possible that they are countering that magick with their own magick? Or are they oblivious to magick like most people?


Thanks. No, this mans only God is Cocaine. No chance of any spiritual depth.


Thank you. I could never kill another sentient being (animal) no matter what and frogs are my familiars. I appreciate it though. I love the black salt idea though . x