Current news on entities [Journal]

I have news based on my soul-journeys and soul-travels (present times)

The Jinns are creatures that has the mandate of confusing people in this dark sophia universe. Why 3 wishes stories from the lore? Because they wish to infiltrate the trinity which is ‘‘solid, liquid & gaseous’’ state of being. So they wish to destroy the Arcons and take their place. They haven’t succeeded yet but Satan (or the spirit taking that name) tried to cleanse the house but could not. because for doing so, need the human conscious right to interfere so he could not. He tried to put back in their places the Jinns, so far I haven’t seen any proof he did 100% of the work, I know the Jinns are using movies we watch all day to control our psychee. the subconscious also. The war in the astral etc is between the Jinns and the Arcons. Both are in this for their own benefits and it is why some gods and goddess we heard from antiquity, are starting to incarnate in the flesh right here right now to help humanity and save the day. Unfortunately the elite are messing things up by attacking the lightworkers and ancient gods. Gods will prevail over time. The elite will have too much on their hands because the Jinns are starting to turn against the elite.

Do you have any proof of this statement? I am all for astral journeys and meditation but this seems to be another “The Repitilians are trying to take over” argument. Honestly, from my own experience, there isn’t any major astral war going on, let alone spiritual.

You see, the Earth, the Astral and the Spiritual are connected. Alot of the wars we see here on Earth can be attributed to what is going on upstairs. However, wars in general are declining right across the board. Conflicts that take place today are global news events where as 100 years ago, there was so much conflict that no one paid that much attention to all the wars going on.

I presume (and feel) it is the same upstairs. There are conflicts to be sure but in general, there isn’t much going on. It seems after the big bang of the 20th century, things are calming down now, with the odd hiccup.


I was expecting that kind of reply soon enough and it came as the 1st reply. lol
proof you say? well, they are based on soul-journeys and soul-travel, you be the judge. Not me. lol

And what are we supposed to do with this information? There isn’t anything anyone can ever do about it so why worry? What happens up there is of no concern of ours. We live on Malkuth, our problems are our problems.

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