Well, curiosity can kill a cat but here I am. It may sound like a beginner’s wish, but I hope you can help. If anyone here works with Duke Dantalion, can you ask that do they hear me? Should I continue to work this way? Did they accept my petition?

If you could ask, it would be appreciated I know my work is in early stages but I hope you can help me.

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Hi @PapaPalps,

Yes, the spirits hear us, they see us, and love us. Duke Dantalion may seam cold, but he warms up over time. Just remember to be respectful.

Now Petition spells. @DarkestKnight did an awesome thread on this:

And I am sure the Duke, is working on your task, but you may want to send a followup petition in a week or two.

The Duke is a very busy entity.

Be blessed, and rejoice, your in good hands!

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Thank you!

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