Crystals for baneful work

Lately, I’ve been using satin spar selenite and Herkimer diamond for manifesting. They really work wonders when I want quick results. It’s like holding a wishing star in your hands. I’ve only used them to speak positive wishes and luck into existence, though, because they are very high vibrational crystals.

My question is can they be equally effective for cursing even if they vibrate at a high frequency (especially satin spar selenite, which corresponds to angels and other divinities)?

I would say yes… unless you have doubt about it, and then the doubt itself will get in the way of the energy flow. This is the case for any technique though. Any kind of fear causes tension that blocks energy.


Like, even if these crystals have benevolent associations?

Also, how about amethyst? Can I use it to cause nightmares just as it is often used to promote calm sleep and positive dreamwork?

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Herkimer diamonds are amazing. They can guide you to people, places, and rare objects. The crystal will literally pull you to whatever you’re searching for.

You can use Amethyst to create confusion. Hope this little tidbit helps.

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