Crystals associated with belial


Mat I know what crystals are associated with Belial?


I would think any that favor the root and stomach chakra. He’s all about power, confidence, and mastering the physical realm.


I rmb reading somewhere so Long ago that black crystals are associated with him. I just can’t rmb which now :’(


Apparently this one. Which is super common on the ground in a lot of places. It’s not listed anywhere, but I asked and this was my reply.

I used onyx


By you asking, may I know who Chu asked?

Diamond, Quartz, and Ruby. Those are what was given to me. He seems to favor Ruby the most for its blood red and regal nature. Diamonds and Quartz’s for different reasons.


I asked Belial.

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I can’t remember where I got the information from, but I’ve seen bloodstones associated with him.

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Yes, although his “demonolatry element” (if I’m not mistaken) is Earth, I immediately thought of red crystals/gems because of the chariot of fire reference in the Goetia. And King=Sun=Fire; the options of yellow and orange colors are open too.

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Old thread, I know but I sense citrine to be appropriate. It is yellowish and relates to the solar plexus or seat of personal power :wink:

Manipura chakra stones, specifically citrine. When I worked heavily with him a little under a year ago, I would have dreams every night where I would visit environments created to display stones made of citrine. In one of these dreams, Belial showed up and gave me some advice about a situation I was going through that I wasn’t sure how to deal with.


Obsidian- without a doubt in my experiance


Spooky! I didn’t know that obsidian was Belial’s crystal before. I had been wearing citrine but felt the need to change to black obsidian, which I am now wearing. I have been doing the beginners’ version of his gateway. :open_mouth:


Crystals and stones I associate with Belial:

-Black Onyx
-Tiger’s Eye
-Champagne Diamond
-Fire Agate

Whatever stone you feel has the best connection is the one that will work the best for you. Or whatever stone/crystal Belial directly tells you to use.

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I have been working with Belial for a long time and I have learned so much. King Belial and I have a deep connection
Many people think a black crystal is his favourite but this is wrong ! One of his favourite colours is black not a black crystal
Belial loves rubies, emeralds and amethyst
Especially Amethyst. You will get good results with it
Belial’s true element is the Air . The sun is his secondary element because he is ranked King
Belial is the God of Storms as well

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I apologise. I’m new here so I didn’t know that haha
Thanks for letting me know .

Why not ask Belial himself what he favores? :wink: