Crystal Gazing For Neophytes

Hello, i go by the name BAAEL, and I consider myself a neophyte in the occult,. Currently i am reading and doing the exercises from Konstantinos summoning Spirits.Currently I am do Crystal skyrying /gazing. I got all the material the book instructed: Crystal ball around 4 inches(well mine is around 5inches); place on black altar cloth; and black stand. Now he said within a week you should see results, I have been doing now for 3 and half weeks , and i cant say i seen anything.Could anyone assist, i humbly await any advice or instuctions?

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Try other experiments and work on your spiritual vision

NailOH, thank you for the response, but could you elaborate some more, and dont really want to be skipping exercises in the book.

Some tips: a square white tissue below either the quartz/obsidian ball or round bottle (with distilled water) etc., dark room except for a lit alcohol lamp or a candle. Focus on what you want to see, clear your mind and try to look at the point of light without blinking.

Thank you fapa79. The light should be behind you right.

I think it may be fine, try also experimenting with placing it at the opposite side of the scrying device.

Welcome :slight_smile: How long have you been practising? I know you said you’re a neophyte and trying to learn scrying, but do you have any magickal experience?
I will highly recommend to take a look on this thread

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Hello Silent, I am new to everthing just trying to get feet wet.I will definately take a look at that thread.

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